First colposcopy tomorrow....

Hi all.
I got a letter on Tuesday saying my smear results came back with severe dyskaryosis, alongside it was an appt for tomorrow.
I hate having smears and anyone ‘dabbling’ around down there. Is it really horrendous or is it just uncomfortable? I’ll admit I’m a little nervous.
Also, did you all go to work as normal in the week after?
Thanks in advance xxx

Hi Jane,


I also have my first colposcopy tomorrow after receiving borderline with HPV results from my smear back in Nov 2016 (it has been a very long 11 weeks!).


I've been doing a lot of reading on here and the ladies have been amazing with sharing their experiences from their colposcopy's. From what I have read and been told from friends/family who have have a colposcopy; it is very similar to a smear, however, they will look at the cervix in more detail with a microscope and vinegar to highlight the abnormal areas. Depending on what they see, they will probably take some biopsy's (as a precaution if nothing else) and send them off to be tested. The results will determine of further treatment is needed.


My manager has told me to take the whole day off tomorrow (she has had this procedure so knows exactly what I am to expect) however, if I am feeling ok I will probably go back to work in the afternoon.


Hope this helps, will be thinking of you tomorrow (sleepless night ahead for us!) xx

I had CIN3 cells removed last week and the doctor told me to take 2 days off. 

 the sorest part for me was the anaesthetic injection. Felt like the dentist injection but down there. i couldn't feel anything for the next few hours. But I'm not going to lie once the anaesthetic had worn off I was rolled up in a ball for 2 days. It feels like bad period pain. 

Hope all goes well

Colposcopys alone are very similar to a smear. Same instruments used..although u pretty much sit up on the very end of a bed with your legs in the air. The consultant doesnt touch you and nurses will be present. 

If they do treatment or biopsies, they are again uncomfortable but it all depends how u handle pain. Im quite good at handling pain down there and get myself in a zone. I had treatment for CIN 2&3 on wednesday, and it was more uncomfortable after..horrendous today due to my period. But i dont even think the injections hurt..more a sting of solution not the prick of the needle. 

Good luck xx