First colposcopy tomorrow reassurance

Hi all,

I have my 1st colposcopy tomorrow after receiving a letter to say I have severe cell changes. This was only my second smear and my first 1 came back normal. I’ve managed to try and put it out my head this week as I cried all last weekend when I got my letter. I’ve tried to read reassuring posts and clue myself up on what’s likely to happen at the appointment. My anxiety is creeping up fast again now though with the appointment being tomorrow.

Hello I know exactly how you are feeling almost 2 years ago I was in a very similar situation to you, please try not to overthink Colposcopy is quite fast and if they need to do a Lletz is also a very quick procedure the worst part is the waiting for appointments or waiting for results . 2 years after I really wish I didn’t worry so much as the Colposcopy or Lletz was not the hard part ,the hard part is the thinking too much so try and chill and enjoy your Sunday. Let me know how you get on tomorrow .

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