First colposcopy - still feel unsure

Hi everyone!
So I’m very new to this, not too sure how I go about things so forgive me if Im in the wrong thread!

Anyway, I had an appt with the gynaecologist today for a Colposcopy, as I’ve had abnormal bleeding after intercourse for the past 5/6 months (I’m 23 if that helps!)
Shes put it down to the fact I’m overweight, and my contraception can cause my body to produce too much a certain hormone. However, she also pointed out something about me having the HPV virus - my cervix did look slightly abnormal, being slightly red etc just at the opening of my womb.

After all this, she said she’s not concerned as I’m showing no cancerous cells and that I won’t need any treatment (other than to lose weight and go on a different contraception…) and to come back when I’m invited for my first Screening late next year (Possibly the year after)

Another query - she had mentioned that cervical cancer is NOT hereditary, however asked if there was a history of it? (An Aunt on my mothers side passed away due to cervical cancer, and my mum was treated for CIN 4 a few years back)

I just wanted to know if anyone else out there has suffered from anything similar! I’m extremely worried about it affectin my ability to have kids, especially seeing as it’s something me and my partner have talked about doing in the near future (Just waiting to get all this fuss out the way)