First colposcopy - So nervous!

Hello Ladies!

I have had a letter through asking me to attend my local hospital for a colposcopy after three abnormal smears. I am extremely nervous and strangely the leaflet only made me feel worse reading it.

I have had problems with bleeding and discharge between the pill for a year and a half now and had an examination and a pelvic ultrasound about a year ago. Thankfully nothing showed up except a slightly eroded cervix (I think they called it ectropic?).

Since then I have had such irregular bleeding and heavy discharge I went off all protection just to try and go back to some sort of regular rhythm. I have had much more of a regular cycle with just the odd random bleed and still heavy discharge however my smear tests continued to show abnormalities (I have had no STIs and no other problems thankfully!).

I am just really frightened of what to expect and how much this is going to hurt (the last smear was quite uncomfortable and I bled a lot!) The thought of it being poked and prodded makes me feel a bit sick as the discomfort is a really horrible feeling. Does anyone else have this? I have a lot of stress with work at the moment and this has just made things ten times worse, what should I be wary of at this stage? Am I just being over dramatic?

Thanks everyone and sorry for the rambling I am just very nervous about all this.

J x

I had one and my doctor was great and went step by step and told me everything she was about to do. It is similar to a pap except they will take some samples which will feel like period cramps. The end part when she scrapped my cervix did hurt but it was literally about 10 seconds then she was done. It was honestly not that bad

Worrying about it was definitely worse than the actual procedure! I was shaking so hard while I was having the vinegar solution added and had her look to see if I needed Lletz or not. 

The actual colposcopy was uncomfortable, and part of the LLETZ hurt (adding gauze inside, and the anaesthetic a bit) though oddly I quite liked the feel of the hot wire itself...It didn't hurt, but felt a bit odd, like when you wet yourself!

I reacted badly to the anesthetic & nearly fainted, but they were great & laid me down and kept me cool. And that was probably because I was at the point of having a panic attack. 

It definitely wasn't as bad as I was expecting, and wish I'd been a lot calmer than I was. I didn't have anyone in the room with me as I didn't want my husband to see my cervix that up and close (and abnormal!) But wish I'd had him there. Try to relax and it will make it much better :)

It's not pleasant, but there are a lot of things that hurt much more, and if I need another one I'll be much more chilled about it next time. Good luck, but just try to stay chilled :)

If you can take anything beforehand, ibruprofen, whiskey lol to numb you a bit and or calm you down, I would definitely recommend it!

Thanks ladies! I guess I am just nervous about the outcome as well as the procedure and overthinking the whole thing! 

I will try to relax and the other half has been very good and offered to sit in with me which might make things easier. At least he can remember all the things the doc is saying if I am having a bit of a moment. It is so nice to have people here going through the same things, it is comforting at least. 

I hope it all went OK for you! I had my first one today and found it to be quite uncomfortable but the staff were lovely and reassuring! X


So I had my colposcopy 2 days ago and it was painful and not fun but so glad it's done. They have booked me in for cold coagulation for a ectropic cervix and that's in 8 weeks. Afterwards I felt very faint and kept feeling like I was going to be sick and the nurse told me that was completely normal (phew!)

Since then however I have had heavy bleeding and a mixture of bright red and brown blood and some brown tissue. There's no smell (sorry for TMI) but I wasn't expecting so much bleeding. Has this brought on my period by any chance? I already had some problems with bleeding between periods but I can't tell what's because of the punch biopsy and what's just my usual bleeding. Any ladies with the same?