First Colposcopy - review for worried ladies :)


I am writing my today's experience for ladies which are having their first colposcopy soon and are worried sick as I was. 

My smear test came back as High Grade - Moderate. I was so worried, I would cry out of the blue, and I would think the worst. 

My initial appointment should be on the 14th but they called me yesterday if I can come today (that got me worried even more as I though it has to be bad for them to speed things up like that). But if that happends to you, don't worry - probably someone cancelled. 

At the time of the colposcopy they got me set up, put some liquid on the cervix to see cells more, and actually they looked better than the smear test advised! My consultant is almost certain it is not high grade, but still took biopsy to check and see if I need treatment. They took 2 samples for the biopsy, you just have to cough and at the sime time they take a sample. Don't know why you have to cough... me it seems like it takes your attention of the pain. As first sample i cough and didn't feel anything,second i cough and she cut the sample a bit too late when i finished coughing and it hurted more. But nothing too bad!

To be honest it was a little hurtful, but so was the smear. But it didn't lastlonger than 5 minutes, and lady said that part is more hurtful then the actual treatment!

They didn't do my treatment as they dont believe is needed, but I wouldn't worry about that. If you can go through smear and colposcopy I'm sure you will be fine during the treatment!

I am 26 it was my first smear so the news were very surprising for me. If you're very worried please call the helpline. I did and the lady was amazing!! Even if you don't have many questions just need to speak to someone please do. They have calmed me down and reassured me a lot!

And I wish you good luck and hope for the best results for you all!

Hi Daria,


Ive had my first colposcopy this morning.  I was a bag of nerves! id my first smear test which came back as abnormal said id hpv which was the worst day ever, i was so worried.  i booked an appointment for my colposcopy and had to wait about 8 weeks which was horrible, i just wanted to get it done with.


So i went today my boyfriend came with me ( he waited in the waiting room) , i was so nervous, nures said my smear results were boarderline. i sat on the chair my legs would not stop shaking! id my hands up by my face covering the view of the monitor from the camera.  so then she said she was taking a biopsy, i just broke, tears were streaming down my face, the other nurse came over was trying to calm me. im just so worried about the results. i feeling sick to my stomach thinking of it.  ive to wait 3/4 weeks for the reults.  she took two biopsys, just waiting for results now.

lynda x

Hi Linda, 


So sorry to hear you have to go through it as well.


I totally understand how stresful this is! Did your smear came back as low grade or high grade? And yes the waiting is the worst....when I got my appointment I got calmer, as at least I had a date!! 


If your results were borderline I bbelieve that is low grade ?if that is the case I would not worry about it too much .... if the did not decide to do the treatment there and then it means it doesn't look bad at all! 


As I mentioned before my consultant looked and said mine looked like low grade, not high as initially though. Which .are me really happy. As this means the changes are very small and at very early stage. 


Probably I will be receiving results around same time as you. We can be waiting buddies 


Where are you based  ?

Hi Daria, I had my colposcopy on the 7th June, it's only been nearly and week and I really want to know the results. They said 6 weeks for mine. Is your the same? Had three biopsies taken 



Hello Laura,

We had it on the same day then. My consultant said 4 weeks for my results. If they are not back by then she asked me to give them a call. So maybe try to call theme after 4 weeks, they might have it back. Maybe they say longer just in case...

I had two biopsies taken out apparently not that much was affected. Which grade were you? Did you have treatment at your colposcopy ?


Daria x