First colposcopy...not sure what to expect.

Hello everyone, Im due to have my first colposcopy appt tomorrow I really am very nervous and not really sure what happens if someone could help me? Ive read all the information that the hospital sent but its all to clinical and It doesnt really mean that much to me! Personal stories and people who I can talk too are a far better alternative for me! Im hoping all goes well and I have everything crossed! Hope to hear from some of u soon, many thanks in advance!

Ashley xxx

the procedure itself is nothing to worry about, honestly! You will undress waist down, be given a towel to cover your dignity! (Always thought that was a bit pointless considering the position youll be in!) you'll then get on a big chair with thigh rests. You open your legs, they put the speculum in and look through a thing that looks like big binocolaurs. They don't go inside you. To be honest I've never seen them actually looking because you are looking up to the ceiling and they are lower than you if that makes sense. they will put some vinegar solution on your cervix to help show up any problems too. It probably takes 5/10 minutes. It sounds very medical because if the 'scope ' bit, but like I say it doesn't go in you. Hope that helps and it goes ok. 

Hi! I had my first one done today along with a lletz treatment as I had high grade cells, it wasn't half as bad as I had imagined it to be tbh, I think it's the waiting for the results that is far worse, hope all goes ok with you xx