First colposcopy followed by pain and bleeding

Hi there I had my first colposcopy after having had a smear with low grade changes. I had the colposcopy on Saturday and she had also taken two biopsies. I still feel aching (it’s Wednesday now) and definitely don’t feel comfortable walking fast etc. still getting bleeding - although it has decreased. When will this feel normal again? At what point do I go back to the doctor if the bleeding hasn’t stopped? 

Hi, I hope you’re feeling better and I hope you don’t mind me asking something. I can’t answer your question as I have only had my colposcopy and lletz done today as well as the removal of a few cms of my cervix under local anaesthetic. But from what they told me there may be a bit of bleeding for a few days and some funny coloured discharge. Did they give you an antibiotic to insert every night before bedtime for the next few days? I have  had mine done today at 12 but I’ve had no bleeding or anything. Do you mind me asking did you have bleeding straight after the procedure or only after a few days? All I am feeling is period like cramps. But I would definitely phone your gp and get some reassurance or better even speak to a colposcopy nurse and ask them. I hope you’re taking it very easy.