First Colposcopy Experience

Hello Ladies!

I’m new to this… Although I’ve been reading through numerous forums prior to today. I would like to share with you my experience for those worried…like I was.

So today I had my first Colposcopy after having 2 abnormal smears return… 2 years apart, 1st time abnormal smear was back in Sept 2012…but I never went back for a repeat until September this year…3 years later after being told to be checked again in 6 months time… Ops!. So the second one came back abnormal once again and the reason I was referred to for a Colposcopy. If I had gone back the first time I probably wouldn’t have had to go through what I did today. I’m 24.

I was put on the implant beginning of the year and bled near enough constant for 3 months with a few days break… If I was lucky! Frustrating but I managed. I was then changed to the mini pill which my body still doesn’t like but my gp refused to put me back on the combined pill until I get the all clear. Annoying but hey… They know best!

So today… I was not looking forward to it after reading so many horrible experiences. But honestly it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.
The specialist nurse who was carrying it out discussed my 2 previous smears and told me what thr next steps would be, and what would happen if she found any cin2 cells… But at first she reckoned it would be cin 1.
After getting undressed in a private room I was made to lay comfortable on the couch and out at ease by both nurses. They were fantastic!! The first part was exactly like a smear. She then put a solution on my cervix which stung a little… But it was more like a hot tingly sensation, this is when the nurse told me to look at the screen - this is optional…you don’t have to! A large area showed up white instantly… She said from looking at it,it looked like CIN2 and not CIN1, but they don’t treat on the same day… So she took some pictures and preceeded to put iodine on my cervix which again stung a bit more. It was just uncomfortable more than anything.
I had worked myself up for the biopsies and honestly I felt nothing!! She didn’t mention giving me a LA, but saying that with the solutions she had already but on my cervix I don’t think I would have felt it… It was already stinging/burning! She took 4 biopsies and then proceeded to stop the bleeding which was the worse part of it all. You get lower abdominal pain while they do it, but it soon calms down after 5 minutes.

I was told results will be in, in around 4 weeks and will probably need LLETZ treatment… Has anyone got any personal experiences of this they can share?

I hope this post has helped someone waiting to attend their first Colposcopy appointment. I was terrified, being so young… But they the staff really do make you feel at ease!

Any questions please ask :slight_smile:

I will keep you posted!

Lots Of Love

Ceri x