First colposcopy - CIN1/2 and wart ?!

Hi all,

I had my first smear in April which came back with mild abnormalities + HPV. Today I had my colposcopy, the Dr said he couldn't tell whether the changes were CIN 1 or CIN 2 and did a biopsy and took 4 tissue samples (Not reassuring when you hear himself say there's a lot of bleeding followed by pass me the large swab) There was a trainee present in the room and heard him say he didn't think the issue was CIN but that I had a wart on my cervix which is why I got the abnormal result, the trainee agreed and said he had noticed huge wart too.

i was then discussing it with him and her repeated the same thing that he couldn't tell whether it wasCIN 1 or 2 (seems a bit odd that he would repeat this despite saying to the trainee he didn't think CIN was an issue). He then said about the wart but said he needed the biopsy to confirm that it actually was a wart. In the meantime he put me down for a 12 month follow up pending the biopsy results. If CIN 2 he will treat and 1 he said we might be able to leave it.  I said I was concerned as I had a weakened immune system and was worried my stupid immune system won't fight off - he just said we'll discuss following outcome of biopsy. It was a consultant gyny who carried oug the procedure so trust he knows best but I can't help but worry.

have to wait 6 weeks for results, but panicking...why would he leave CIN 1 for 12 months/ tell the trainee it wasn't a problem but tell me it could be 1/2. Also has anyone had treatment for cervical warts?

Feeling hugely frustrated/emotional about the whole thing, some advice would be helpful


Also I am having some discomfort when sitting upright or bending down, is this normal?