First Colposcopy and worried



I am new to the site and I am worried about my upcoming colposcopy. I am 24 years old and 6 month ago I had a smear that had mild changes and was advised to be tested in 6 months time. A week ago I got my results back from that test that said that the results show there are changes that require further investigation. I live in Scotland and when looking up what this could mean none of the terms used were in my letter. 

I am lucky that I am covered by my parents private healthcare so I do not have to wait 2 months to be seen to get a colposcopy.

I dont know whether I am justified to be so worried since I know that at my ages hopefully the chances are pretty slim that there is anything wrong, and I am not sure whether I should even be posting on here since I dont know if there is anything wrong, but when I have told my GP that I was worried she just said try not to and dont google it. Which I am finding very difficult.

I have had pain after being with my boyfriend and some bleeding which was why I went to get the smear test 6 months ago, I just dont know whether it was because I have been changing to different types of contraceptive (2 types of pill and now the copper coil) sorry TMI.

I am not really too sure what to expect at the appointment, what questions they ask and whether they will take a biopsy away or if they find anything whether they will do anything there and then.

So I am just very worried and dont really have anyone to speak to and I just feel like I shouldnt be worried and I am being stupid.

I think its normal to worry when you get a bad smear result and then find you need treatment. I was very worried when i got my bad smear results letter back with a letter telling me my colposcopy had been arranged for 7 days time, lucky for me i suppose since i didn’t have long to wait. The colposcopy itself is a bit like a long smear test and i found the biopsies didn’t really hurt. I don’t know if they’ll treat it there and then or if they’ll just take biopsies, i just had the biopsies and am now in the waiting stage. Try not to worry too much, hopefully you’ll feel better after you’ve had the colposcopy and know more.