First Colposcopy, aged 24, moderate results. Having LLETZ under GA

Hi everyone,

I firstly wanted to say I've found Jo's Trust so helpful since I received my first smear test result and has put my mind at ease on a lot of things. 

Well, to start, I received my letter calling me up for my first smear test a few weeks back. I'm 24, but my birthday is in March, so I assumed they were pre-empting me turning 25. Anyway, I immediately scheduled my appointment and went for my first smear, which was actually ok. The nurse was joking with me when I went that I wasn't quite 25, maybe we should wait until I turned it. But she did it anyway, as I had got my letter through. 

And thank god she did!! Because I got my result back a week and a half later. It said I had severe dyskariosis!! I was in total shock. What did that mean? I am only 24 and this is my first smear! The nurse had also said my cervix looked really healthy when she did the smear. Anway, I completely broke down. Was crying all day and night. It was a Sunday when I got my results so I had noone really to talk to in terms of a medical professional. 

Since then, I managed to book in to have my colposcopy pretty quickly, in fact, because someone else cancelled, I got in just 4 days after getting my letter, on the Thursday, which was yesterday. So, I've now had my colposcopy. The nurse that did it again said my cervix looked healthy (i.e. no lesions, bumps/lumps) but she painted on the dyes and she did see what she thinks is CIN2. I read lots of women's experiences about how painful it would be to have biopsies, which I did have to have, and in truth, for me, it was very painful. I had to have 2 nurses holding both my hands while the lead nurse did it. I had 3 biopsies in total. For the rest of the day I found it hard to walk and was in period/cramp pain. Have had some brown bleeding since then. But today the pain is less. I did also get a swollen lower abdomen, just about my pubic area – has anyone else ever had this?! I can't find anyone else saying they have. I'm guessing it's because the area has been prodded from the inside, and my stomach is quite flat, so I can see some swelling on the outside.

Anyway, I have been booked in to have LLETZ under General Anaesthetic after my biopsy results come back. Apparently I had to have it under GA because it would be less painful for me. I was moving quite a lot apparently. Has anyone had LLETZ under GA? I'm worried as I've never been under GA before.

Smear result 9/2/14 severe dyskariosis, coploscopy (suspected CIN2) 13/2/14, booked in for LLETZ under GA...waiting for date TBC!

Hey Hun!

I was the same as you as my birthdays in March but I received my letter in November and booked it straight away.

My results came back as Cin3 and I had Lletz under GA on Monday. I'd never been under before and was absolutely terrified but the whole experience wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I was groggy after and I'm still in pain after a few days but mine was a very large area and the surgeon said they had to be quite invasive.

My hospital isn't the best so there was tonnes of waiting around on the day and the nurses weren't very helpful but it already seems you have better hospital staff than I did judging my your colposcopy (the nurses at mine barely said a word to me).

Hope it all goes well for you, let us know how you get on and feel free to message me if you have any questions or need a chat xx

Hey Fiona,


Thanks so much for your reply. Makes me feel better knowing that someone my age has gone through a similar thing. It's strange because at our age, noone has really had a smear yet in our peer group, so there's noone to really talk to. I think I am one of the first in my friendship group to even go for a smear.


It sounds like our original results were quite similar. But I'm so pleased for you that you got through the GA and LLETZ ok, although I'm sorry your hospital staff weren't all that supportive. Gives me some more confidence that the GA will be OK. I am prepared to feel groggy etc. It's just a strange feeling being so out of control (well, knocked out completely!) 

I will let you know how I get on and when I'm scheduled to go in. Hopefully won't have to wait too long. x

Hi guys i have this treatment on tuesday the 11th and went back to work thursday 13 not sure if this was too soon i had slight pain but nothing too serious,the problem is ive started bleeding bright red and the pain is so much i could cry. Is this normal i horse ride and now struggling to do this due to the pain. How did everyone else cope with the pain. 

Hi Shelley,

No I don't think going back to work that soon was too soon. They recommend just having the day and the day after off and if you feel ok after that to go back.

As with the horse riding I would be very careful, I know I was told to keep away from anything strenuous and I guess that could be considered strenuous especially given the area of the surgery. If your concerned I would go to your GP about the bleeding as it could be an infection.

Hope you get on ok :) xx

Why are some nurses so negative and unfeeling?? I know they see this thing every day (as it is their "job"), but surely to be in their kind of role you need some caring side? This has to be one of the worst times a woman can go through. I really hope I have caring nurses. When I had my first biopsy the lead nurse was a little abrupt but the lady stroking my hand was lovely!! She wouldn't stop talking (about nothing really) just to take my mind off what was happening!! Good luck to everybody - and this site was a WONDERFUL find for me. xx