First colposcopy after trachelectomy

Hey guys,

I've got my first colposcopy booked for Tuesday following my trachelectomy in June. Feeling pretty bloody nervous about's brought back all those feelings of anxiety I thought were behind me! Can anyone tell me what to expect of this first appt post trach?? Also my period just this going to be a problem?



Just wanted to wish you luck. My first checkup is in February and I'm already losing sleep over it xxx

Hi Sarah 

I know how you feel, I was SO stressed prior to my first colposcopy. They basically have a chat with you to make sure you are not having any problems.  Then they do a colposcopy like any other.  They also take a smear during the colposcopy.  This was a little bit sore but was over very quickly.  

I'm not sure whether being on your period makes a difference, but I would definitely give your nurse a call to check.

Hope it goes well x

Well my first check up was a complete waste of time.....a dr I'd never met before peered inside me and just said yes it looks fine and that was it! I challenged her and asked what she was possibly hoping to see and she said she couldnt see a tumour and I have no symptoms of cc so nothing further needs to be done??!! To which I replied well I had no symptoms or visible tumour in the first place when I had bloody cancer!

she said she'd write to me after checking with my consultant and lo and behold the letter says I should be having a smear every 3 months. My next appt isn't until Feb now which will mean I don't get my first smear till 8 months post op!

im really peed off. No colposcopies either... Just basic smears :(

Sorry to hear that Sarah. It sounds like info was missed/miscommunicated in the system whinch must be very frustrating. As long as you get smears you should be fine. I have smears every 6 months and a visual check every 3. If you are concerned then phone them for a chat and ask them to explain your follow up plan more clearly. Xxx

Thanks really frustrates me yes because there are so many people out there that don't have the information/knowledge about what should be being done and for people like that that's when things get missed. Working in the healthcare system means I'm more comfortable challenging people but I bet there's loads that wouldn't dream of it.