First chemo of BMC

Well had my first cycle of chemotherapy and feeling quite lucky that I have only had fatigue and not sickness or anything, as I have my children I dont feel I could cope with the vomiting. I have been eating lots of green vegetables and drinking green tea to help detox I feel every little helps. 

my family have been amazing but it's hard to talk to them about it all in detail incase I upset them such a how it's making me feel I just hope my treatment works as every day I try and think positive and I'm doing my best to eat and drink healthily. 

Im also scared of going through the menopause if any of you have any advice on ways to cope would be much appreciated.

laura xx

Hi Laura, Glad your treatment is going well, i read your posts Laura and im so sorry to hear of your diagnosis.  I was stage 2B 2 years ago, i have a few lovely friends i have met through Jo's who are a stage 4 and doing very well.  There is a amazing CC Support group on facebook and they also have a stage 4 support group too. its all closed and very private, if you like Laura i can add you to it? hope you continue to fell well through treatment you sound a very posative lady.

take care , much love 

Dawn xxxxx

Hi Laura,

Menopause is different for all of us. I'm not going to lie, I've had some unpleasant symptoms, but the hot flushes and night sweats actually eased off quite quickly, I think because homone levels drop quickly in an induced menopause.

Anyway, my advice would be to try to take each thing as it comes. Most of the things I have worried about through this have ended up no being as bad as I feared when it came to it.

Good luck with the rest of your treatment and you can always talk to us here. You don't have to struggle on with a stiff upper lip with us.


Hi Laura,

Can you take HRT? I started taking HRT about a week after my surgery. I didn't experience any menopause symptoms but guess they would have come if I didn't take the tablets. I've been on the tablets less than a week and they seem ok?! I know sometimes you have to try a few different types to find the right ones. 
I hope you are feeling ok.
Love Tess xxx 

Hi dawn thank you for your kind words and I think that’s a great idea to add me to the support group on FB I’m still trying to stay positive and I’m pleased you have friends who have stage four also I think I need to speak to someone who has the same stage as me although I haven’t had this confirmed by my doctor but I’m not naive not to know how bad this is. It has penetrated my bladder and attached to many organs. I will private message you with my Facebook name

Laura xx

Hi tess as I’m not going through the menopause yet as only just started my chemo I’m not sure If I can take hrt yet. Thanks Laura xx

I was told that because im only 26 i should take hrt and that it should be alright taking it with this type of cancer. I was also told it could help with not gettin osteoparosis, just starting first round of chemo 12/08/13 so was told to wait untill all treatment is finished before we discussed it further.