First check up ://

Hi everyone :))

I have my first follow up appointment on Wednesday at 4pm (never in the morning are they? Lol) and I'm just wondering what I should expect from this appointment? I haven't had a scan yet and I'm 4 months post op 2 months or so post brachytherapy. Am I likely to get booked in for a scan on Wednesday? An mri? Pet? 


Share your experiences with me cos right now I have the total willies ;) 


Charlene xx

Check ups are always anxiety inducing! 

I didnt have brachytherapy 'just' RH. My check ups are 3 monthly and I get an external ultrasound, internal ultradound and a colposcopy. I would have thought if you were having an MRI they would of let you know. Good luck! 

Hi Charlene :-)

Ooh yes a scary time, but try not to get too worked up about it, I expect you'll be just fine :-) As far as I recall my first CT scans were about two or three months after my final brachy so even if it isn't this appointment I expect you'll be having one soon. 

I'm just trying to get my next ones arranged and pretending it's a picnic ;-)

Be lucky


Hi Guys check up went well no evidence of disease see you in 4 months and then 6 monthly check ups there after :) woop woop xx

Whoop Whoop indeed! Well done lovely one :-)