First check up

hi everyone I’m having my first check up after my radical hysterectomy (no further treatment needed luckily)! And im unsure about what to expect...what exactly am I going for? Is it likely to be a vault smear or scans? Or is it too early to have all of these done yet..any info would be gratefully received as I’m slightky working myself up as I don’t know what I’m going too 

kay x

Hi Kay

At my first appt. I had a exam  and a vault smear but i am in the U.S so dont know where u are. I wish u all the best pray all goes good. :-)

i had the same operation and my check ups consisted of examinations only.

I’m 16 months post op and not had a single scan and have been signed off by my consultant with no further check ups!

It still worries me that I’m not being seen on a regular basis but I have to trust that this is the right thing.

I’ve had very little issues other than a few infections