First check up..what to expect?

Hi everyone my first check is coming after having a radical hysterectomy and lymph node removal and I'm just wondering what to expect? I have no idea what will happen and would be grateful if anyone could enlighten me please...I'm guessing it will involve some kind of examination but will it also be scans etc? 

Kay xx


When i had my first check up it was a vault smear and a exam. I am in the u.s so dont know if it is the same everyever. It was not bad.:-) good luck, pray all goes well

Hi Kay,

I hope you are well? I just wanted to share my experience of my check ups so far, although I know different hospitals have their own procedures.

At my first one after same treatmwent as you, my dr checked my abdomen and examined my scars to see they were healing ok. She took a vault smear and also had a look up there too! and then we just discussed how I had been feeling, if I had any concerns etc. The 6 month check was pretty much the same. Before my next one I have an MRI booked, and then she said she would discuss the findings at my check up a week later! Hope this helps you and I wish you all the luck in the world! 

I was dreading the first check up but in a way I'm starting to look forward to them now as I feel I get stronger with each one I get under my belt!

Laura xx