First Check Up - What to expect? *fertility mentioned*

Hi girls,

I hope you're all OK and getting on with your individual journeys, I feel so lucky to be a part of the 'Post Treatment' community.

I have my first check up next week, the natural fears are bubbling up - retuning to the place that brought so much upset etc and the fear of a recurrance.....

I think this check up is for (thorough!) a smear test and Ill have these every 4 months for a year, and I'll also have a scan every 6 months.

Just wondered if anyone in a similar situation to me (see my signature) could tell me what I should expect at this appointment? Also I had 'fertility preserving' treatment so wondered what the Doc might advise on that front.

I wish you a very happy International Womens Day!

Lisagp x x

Hi Lisa

Good luck with your check up this week.  It's natural to feel apprehensive given what you have been through, but be reassured the check ups are there to ensure your future health and really are manageable.  I've got used to people having a good feel around up there now and after a couple of appointments it is already feeling more routine!!!  I can understand you feeling concerned returning to the place that brought so much worry but try to remember it is also the place that healed you and that will keep you healthy in future.

My situation is a little different to yours since I had a RH - my check ups so far have been to check healing after surgery.  However, in my last check up I had a registrar instead of my usual consultant and they had a much more thorough and firm rummage around.  Oddly though I found this approach more reassuring like they were being extra diligent!

I can't advise what will happen at your appointment or in regards to your fertility preserving treatment but hope someone will be along soon who can.

You've been an inspiration and shining light to me through this difficult time and I wish you well.  Try not to worry, I'm sure all will be fine and hope you get some positive fertlity advice.

All the best and take care

Kirsty xxx




Hey at my first check up I was given a simple internal examination and a smear. The site for my lymph node removal surgery was checked and the rest of my lymph nodes were checked for swelling. Prior to my surgery I was given a rectal examination but I haven’t had one since thankfully. After the examination I had a chat with the dr. At the appointment three months later I was given an internal examination and the dr asked if I was actively trying to conceive. I had quite a lot going on with moving house and a few other big life events but the dr pointed out I could delay for ever and should really get moving!! That was the may and I got pregnant the next month, I’m currently 37 weeks pregnant in what has been a relatively uncomplicated pregnancy!!x

Hi girls,

Thanks for your lovely responses and positive vibes! Kirsty I kept remembering what you said about the hospital being the place that healed me and it made my visit much less scary - thank you sweetie!

Toca - my procedure was much like you described... internal, smear & quick check of lymph sites on tummy.

My consultant is just fabulous and reminded me the chance of recurrance was very low. I'll get smear results mid April and will be back for first scan in May - and will see consultant again in June time for results and probably another smear. Like you said Kirsty, it's reassuring that we're closely monitored.

Re fertility the Doc asked had we been trying to conceive already! Like your Doc Toca, he seemed to suggest we should get cracking on with it. I guess we'll await the results, first scan etc and see how we feel. We weren't planning kids before the diagnosis so there's still a big decision to be made.

Toca I'm so pleased your pregnancy is going well, not too much longer for you to wait now! Your story is inspirational to ladies like myself lucky enough to have fertility sparing treatment.

Lisagp x x x x

Update for anyone who might be following my journey - or those earlier in diagnosis/treatment who may find some comfort in it:

Got my smear reult yesterday - "Normal" - what a wonderful word!

Next step is MRI on 20th May.

Happy Easter ladies. x x xc