First check up - LVI Positive?

Hello Ladies, It has been a while since I have been on Jo’s trust as I’ve tried to get back to living a ‘normal’ life but I’m back looking for answers and reassurance again.

I was diagnosed 1B2 in January after a LLETZ, had a radical hysterectomy in March and luckily my histology come back as no cancer in the lymph nodes and only residual cancer cells left on the cervix… BUT I recently read through letters my consultant and those involved in my treatment had sent to my GP after the histology come back and noticed the letter said I was LVI positive but with no lymph node involvement. I met with the doctor this week for my first check up and asked her what it meant but she didn’t really make anything clear and just said there is a risk but the nodes were clear. she examined me and said everything was fine and to come back in four months for my next check up.

I was hoping that the check up would give me reassurance and that I would feel better than before and less worried about reoccurrence but I’ve come away more worried then before and feel like my head is going to fall ff!

I know I’m really lucky and incredibly grateful to get to where I am and didn’t need to have further treatment and I am also a generally positive person but I’m really struggling since seeing the LVI positive and being told there is a risk… I know I need to trust the process but I cant stop worrying.

Any advice/ information and reassurance would be appreciated.

thanks in advance xx

LVSI stands for lymph vascular space invasion. I'm not sure what yours stands for or if it was a typo/misread etc. It was explained to me that the cancerous cells were shown to have moved towards the lymphs but had not got there. So a half way house between lymph involvement and none. It does tick a box for higher risk of recurrence but only a little box!! 

Good luck

Hi Claire:

LVI stands for lymphvascular invasion, which sounds like the same as LVSI that 365 talks about.

love t x

Hi Claire :-)


The first couple of years after diagnosis are seriously the worst, it really is a terrifying roller-coaster. But, with frequent check-ups and no further disease you will find that you settle down into a more comfotable, at-ease with it all kind of a stride. You need to concentrate on the knowns and try to ignore the what-ifs. The knowns are that histology came back as no cancer in the lymph nodes and she examined you and said everything was fine. You'll be checked again in only four months and if the situation has changed it will be in plenty of time to fix it.

Be lucky :-)

Hi Claire 

i know this is all really scary stuff but at this moment your clear from cancer , I know it's really hard but try not to stress over what ifs and maybe's , you'll be having your regular check ups so enjoy life , celebrate no cancer , like Tivoli says concentrate on the knowns Because right here and now  you know your clear.