First check up feeling nervous

Had my first MRI scan 2 weeks ago since I finished treatment 30 May for 2b I have my first 3 month check up today am feeling a little bit nervous about it as I don't no what to expect would like some adivce as to what happens thanks for any replys xxx

Hi Cvs,

I didn't want to read and run, but wanted to say I understand how you are feeling.  I finished my treatment at the end of August and have to wait until 19th October before I see my Consultant. It's a bit like being in Limbo, whilst undergoing the treatment, your mind focuses on getting through that. but the wait between that and the 1st check up seems never-ending. 

I was assured that the timescale between the two was because the radiotherapy still had work to do on the cancer cells. So I like to picture a little army of Radiotherapy warriors fighting and winning against the Cancer advance, rather than 'What if's'.  It helps me get through the time.

Good Luck for your appointment, when it arrives,

Stay Strong & Positive,

Feisty xx

Just got back from seeing my consultant and my results were fine I am cancer free and my cervix looks healthy am on 4 monthly checks so I can stop stressing and relax woo woo xxx

Brilliant news xx

Hi Cvs,

That's fantastic news,  I hope you are celebrating with a glass of something nice, 

Relax & Enjoy,

Feisty xx


Amazing news. You must be so happy! Congratulations xxx

Brilliant news - so, so pleased for you!!



Great news xx

Brilliant news! Ra Ra Ra!

And thanks for sharing your happiness with Flossie :-)

Brilliant brilliant news Cvs, I've been celebrating for you ! 

Hopefully I will get the same fantastic news on the 29th.

Best wishes and big hugs xxx

That is simply brilliant news! X x