First cervical smear

Im new to all of this but heres a look into what brought me to this page and my background.
On friday i recieved my first smear test (a year late due to being pregnant when i was 25 and due my first) i have had for a while now periods 2/3 times a month sometimes light bleeding other times quite heavy, 3 months ago i began to bleed after sex started off just light spotting to now being like a full blown period, sex is also quite painful. I have been having the worst lower back pain to the point i am unable to walk, sorry tmi i have become constipated which has never happend to me before, anyway when i had my smear on friday the doctor did an examination and said my cervix looks damaged :frowning: my period is now back for the 3rd time this month and its very painful :frowning: im a mum of 4 and i cant help but fear the worst the wait for the results is going to be long and agonising. I would love some advice on other peoples experiences and was their outcome good or bad.

Hi Anita,

Sorry you are having these troublesome symptoms. Hopefully you will not have to wait too long for your smear results, mine usually come within 2 weeks. From what you have written, you would be perfectly justified in requesting a gynae appointment to have this looked in to, regardless of your smear result, so you could push for a referral now if you felt up to it. There are many things which can cause these symptoms but if your GP can see visible changes it would make it much quicker if they would start the referral process for you. 

Big hugs x x