First Appointment on Tuesday


I've recieved my appointment to discuss my staging in detail, and to inform me the date of my Hysterectomy. I have been managing okay, but now I'm really scared

about what's coming. I always have issues coming around from GA, and often find my self upside down, because my BP drops too low. I know it sounds silly, but I am scared. and don't know what to expect in this meeting. It says to allow for 2 hours!

Hi Sylvia. Your meeting is to discuss staging, treatment & answer your queries & concerns sweetie. Whatever stage you are I'm sure you'll feel better once you know what you're dealing with & if they're talking hysterectomy that's good news! I had one 5 weeks ago & im doing great & loving no monthlies!

Try not to worry so much.

You've got this Hun,



Hi Sylvia :-)

Your appointment on Tuesday will be the perfect opportunity to let them know all about your fears and concerns. Make sure to spend some time over the weekend writing them all down in a list so you don't forget to ask about any of them while you are there. I'm sure they will be able to reassure you.

Be lucky :-)