First abnormal smear - high grade

Hi, I've just received a letter to say that I will need to go in for a colposcopy as I have high grade dyskaryosis. I've already got my appointment and will have my colposcopy next Friday

As I'm graded high risk I understand that if the consultant still thonks the same at my colposcopy, that I will require treatment to remove the cells. 

we go on holiday in 4 weeks...our first family holiday since having our son 3 months ago. After treatment will I not be allowed to fly? I can't find any advice on the NHS website that says just advised against intercourse, tampons, swimming and strenuous exercise. 


Thanks :) 


Dont Worry, my Smear result was high Grade Dyskaryosis and i was referred to have a colposcopy on the 2nd April. Before the Dr had a look she asked if i was going on holiday or had anything special planned in the next 4 weeks as the treatment would mean no Sex, baths, swimming or vigorous excercise for 4 weeks. She said that it would be absoloutley fine to wait for treatment if i did. So im sure that your Dr will be happy to do the treatment when you get back off holiday. Often they like to just have a look and take a biopsy on the first visit and wait for the results of that before they offer treatment, it takes about 3 weeks for the results of the biopsy to come back so im sure you would be booked in for treatment after your holiday if that was the case. The colposcopy is nothing to worry about either its very simlar to a smear really. Hope this helps Xxx

Hiya. I was told if I was going on holiday within the next 6 weeks she would have put treatment off until after I got home (you cant go swimming amd have to wear a pad all the time meaning you wouldn't be able to wear a swimming costume. They moght just take punch biopsies and do trwatment when you get home x


My first Lletz was 7 months ago and i had a holiday to Scotland booked for the week after. They said it wasnt a problem, the flight was only an hour but we did a lot of walking but no swimming. I was leaking the whole time and in hindsight i dont think it was the best idea but it worked out fine luckily. I again had Lletz last monday and again it clashed with a trip to Scotland but i was referred to a different hospital this time who put the op off 2 weeks until i was back from holls. I got home sat and had the op monday and have been leaking again ever since. If i was you and the hospital are happy i'd have the treatment delayed slightly to get your holiday out of the way. Heidi