First 6 months Check Up Since Trachelectomy Surgery

Hi all,


Its been a while since i have posted a topic myself although i have been looming & popping up every once in a while with comments for ladies.

You can see my history below but basically i had a trachectomy in Nov 2013 for CIS. I also had some laser treatment for VAIN.

I had a post op check up of course and had a permanent stitch fitted around 8 weeks after op but i have just received an appointment for next monday for my first follow up since surgery.

I am going back to the colposcopy unit and seeing my gynae-onc at the hospital for what im guessing will be a colposcopy?? Does anybdy have any experience of what may happen at this visit?

Will it just be a vault smear and chat with my doctor or will it be another full colposcopy and possible biopsies?

Id just sort of put the whole experience behind me and buried it i suppose but now its becoming real again and id just like to prepare myself for what to expect at my visit.

Any advice would be appreciated.



Hi Johanna, I can't advise re treatment but wanted to stop by and say Hello and wish you luck at your next appointment. Luv Shaz

Thankyou Shaz. 

Getting nervous but in sure all will be fine.