First 6 monthly check up.

Good evening ladies.

Tomorrow I go for my first 6 monthly check up. Little bit nervous. As I've had nothing but trouble since my treatments beginning of the year. I've had 2 lletz procedures Under GA for CGIN. Then  I've been back a few times to be cauterised to stop bleeding. 

When I attend my appointment tomorrow will it be like a regular smear test or will they also use the dyes to see if there is any abnormal cells.

Many thanks 


Hey Emmalouise

Sorry to hear you've had such a rough time already. Really hope you get some good news with your follow up smear. Unless it's different I'm sure that your 6 month follow up is like a standard smear? Fingers crossed it is. 

Not had my follow up yet still waiting for my LLETZ results! 

Good luck xx

How did it go? X

Hi ladies 

Thank you for responding.

It was just like a normal smear test. It was very painful.but put it down to all the scar tissue. 

The consultant said it may come back inconclusive as I've hardly any cervix for take swabs from so if this is the case I will have to go back in three months for another. 

Hope your results come through quick. It's the waiting around that's the worst 

Emma x