First 3 yearly pap

Hi all… in 2008 i had leep procedure for abnormal cells … i have had 6 yearly smears after that and all have been clear and normal my last yearly one was 2014 with normal result and no HPV detected so put me back on to three yearly smears .So last week i went for my fisrt smear the nurse said all looked well apart from a red patch and i also bled whilst having it done. I lost my mum to cervical cancer in 2008 im so scared im going to leave my kids aswell … xxx

Hi Melissa,

I had cells removed in 2012 and had a 6 month follow up, a year, then was discharged to 3 years like you because of no HPV. I don't have direct experience of your situation but apart from my last check up smear (16 days ago - can you tell I'm waiting for results?!) I've bled every time, with both abnormal and normal results at the end of it. I'm not sure what your nurse meant by a 'red patch' but you could have an erosion/ectropion (probably not the right spelling) which I've experienced before (Jo's has a useful link! which isn't a problem at all but can make your cervix more sensitive to touch and can make you bleed at a smear. 

If you feel comfortable talking to your nurse and you're still worried, make an appointment and have a chat and just explain how you're feeling and why you're worried :) she might be able to explain a bit further what she meant by the red patch. From what I understand, if she was concerned by the red patch she would have made you a direct referral to gyne but again, it's something to check with her.

I know it's easier said than done (trust me - I've not slept properly in 5 days, I don't want to eat (I love my food!), and my house is a mess) but do try not to worry too much, there's nothing you can do to change or affect things currently, you just need to take care of yourself - do whatever it is that works for you to take your mind off it for a bit :) good luck, and keep us updated :) x x x