Hi Everyone,

Finished my 5 chemo and 28 radiations 2 weeks ago had an mri which my consultant is very happy about and finished my last braccy treatment on Monday went very well for me only problems I had were diarrohea and a bit of burning while peeing…the day after treatment my lower back was very stiff but went quick enough…the procedure it self was fine the staff were so kind and the amount of meds I was on I slept through the most of it…getting the rods removed was fine also I did feel a bit of tugging but not at all painful… was getting discharged on Monday evening and feeling great then my consultant arrived to speak to me. I had a CT scan on Friday to check a small spot that had showed up on my lung back in June on the PET scan the consultant told me its still there but as its only 5 mm they cant do a biopsy on it was dissapointed to hear this and now back to worrying again. He said he doesnt think its anything to worry about but he is getting a lung specialist to check the scan…I was hoping it would be gone after the chemo I got but will have to wait and see what happens the nurse also seemed reassuring I hope to god it is just a nodule.

Glad your treatment is at an end and went ok ( I'm on my 3rd radiation and one chemo down and feeling fine) 

fingers crossed for good results for you xxx

I'm so happy for you. Now you can rest and not worry about treatment everyday.  Take each day as it comes. Let your body tell you what it needs. I hope everything is smooth sailing from here on out!!! 

thanks Lolli x