Finished Treatment - Help!

Hi Ladies,

i just finished my brachytherapy came out of hospital yesterday. Found it really tough but ive done it! Im feeling really weak and poo today. Sorry if too much info but can anyone give advice for the back passage that is what im struggling with since the immodium has worn off coming out of hospital its really sore and painful and its putting me off eating even though i want to because i feel hungary and sicky but  because i know ill get a tummy ache and will go. Really tough the nurse said these few weeks will feel bad but should get better after that

. Any ladies that can give advice welcomed? can i have a salt bath and sit in it now after coming out of hospital or best to just have a shower? When did the hormones and menopause start for ladies after treatment im just anticipating it and havent been given hormone replacement yet. Ive got my 6 week check booked in so far. Feeling really teary and emotional too and if one more person says 'your over the worst now you can move on and feel better' i might just scream. Just feel pretty bad at the moment. And feels like still lots more i have to face and recover, its the mental side of it aswell that is tough and still things and questions going round. on the positive the consultant came and saw me and said hes really pleased with my response so far and the tumour has shrunk right down and nearly gone. This last part of the treatment has to work and do its thing now so really happy to hear that and keeping really positive. 

love Francesca xx 


well first congrats for finishing. A few weeks ago you didn't think you could do it so give yourself some credit!!

now the adrenaline is over you are left hanging and the next few days you will feel drained and exhausted. Sleep sleep sleep and you will feel better slowly. Don't push yourself but do try to do some light stretches and try small tiny walks. The outdoors will do wonders when you feel you can. 

Do not have a full bath but you can sit in a warm tub with some baking soda jus enough to cover your bum. Use a hair dryer to have warm air to dry off and then use lots of cream. Aquafor or a steroid cream for comfort. 

Take pain meds before you feel the need to sit on the toilet and do not push as this will cause more pain. Also apply some vasiline just before going and use wet wipes or a peri bottle after. 

Take your time and try to relax while going. 

Wishing you the best. 

Congrats on finishing treatment Francesca,see it wasnt as bad as you imagined was it? Follow Lolli's tips and you will be fine....except do not put gasoline on your bum. Loving that spellcheck Lolli;).  Now its time to let the brachy finish its job,and for you to start healing. Baby steps and keep positive xxx

Thank you Ladies,

will follow those tips, ive found my back to be really itchy and sore where been laying for 3 days broke the skin a bit so will make sure i put cream on everywhere. 

Just trying to keep as positive now for the waiting game and heal up and get over the past 6 weeks.

lots of love xxx

Congratulations Francesca! I started having hot flushes and menopause symptoms about 4 weeks after finishing, but everyone is different! 

I also did the three days straight, with the pulse dose brachytherapy. I had blisters on my butt , leg and side where they had secured the rods. All healed up nicely! My bladder started to improve about 2 months later which was great as I had an hour bladder day and night. Now it's nearly back to normal.

Hahaha. Just edited. Too funny!!!

Wishing you a really speedy recovery Francesca xx 

Well done rest up and let yourself heal take one day at a time xxx


i finished my treatment on 6th sept. I spent the first 3 days after the braccy in bed resting! And felt much better for it!

i now feel much more my normal self however my bowels are all over the place so hope this settles down! Ive read Epsom salts are also meant to help with the sore bottom situation! 

keep smiling. We got through it! :)