Finished treatment - feel weird

Hey all , finished my treatment last week. I just feel weird. Kind of, alone, in limbo? Got a follow up appointment or the 1st August and then a scan after that I suppose. Did any body else feel this?  I know I had a positive response to treatment but all I can think is that it's still there. I keep trying to carry on as normal and I try and do something nice every day, even if it's just something small like going for a walk with my husband and daughter but I am just so down 

I just finished my treatment on Friday I’m so exhausted I don’t know how to feel. I keep crying. I don’t have any info on progress I think I’m getting a check up in 6 weeks but been told it’s 4 months before I’ll get a scan. 

Its defintely a strange time after treatment hope you are doing ok 

Such a strange time. I don't know what I expected really as I've never done this before, just trying to move forward I guess :-) I'm not sure they routinely give you signs of progress but I asked to see my brachytherapy planning scan images x 

I remember being in the place you are very well. It wasn't the favourite time of my life as you are torn between wanting to make plans and 'what if'.

I spent my time making provisional plans ready for when I was (hopefully) able to pick up my life again and also slowly getting myself back into the real world.

The follow up appointment was nice - it was a chance to ask some questions (including asking what the brachy mri showed). The week running up to the scan and the wait between the scan and results wasn't the best time - it was nerve-wracking - I believe it's known as scanxiety!

Keep coming on here for a chat, keep busy and try to be positive xxxc

I also remember that time after treatment. It was one of the worst periods of this journey. There was something so safe and comforting during treatment. I was in touch with my medical team so regularly and my life was pretty much planned out for me.

When I finished it was terrifying to have little contact and no appointments. I had way too much time on my hands to think and worry!!

Try to remember the treatment keeps working for a while which is one of the reasons there is time between end of treatment and first check up. 

What I did was focused on what I could control instead of what I couldn't. So I ate well, meditated, did yoga, spent time with family and friends, and in general really took care of my physical, emotional, and mental needs. 

If you ever need to chat we are here!!

I finished treatment in February, and I felt like I was in limbo too before I had my scan results.


All I’d suggest is maybe do something once a week and use it as a count down. I made plans to go for cake and coffee every week with a friend that didnt work Wednesday’s and sort of used that as a countdown.

I went back to work really early to help take my mind off things, but would never suggest that if you don’t feel up to it. In hindsight, it wasn’t the best idea going back so

I felt alone as u go from seeing  medical  staff daily to  being on your own n there so much  on  your mind congrats  on joining us x

Hi all, 

I hope you don't mind me popping in here, but I just wanted to make you aware of our free event being held on 15 September. Let's Meet covers all aspects of living with and beyond a diagnosis including your physical, psychological, and emotional wellbeing.

Our opening presentation, 'Looking after your mental health after a cervical cancer diagnosis', is by Dr. Sahil Suleman who is the Macmillan Consultant Clinic Psychologist at St George's University Hospital. Sahil will address the importance of regrouping both physically and psychologically at the end of treatment and provide ways in which to do this. I just thought it may potentially be of interest. 

There will also be a Gong-Bath relaxation session which is a wonderful class where for the hour you can switch off. We run this session every year as it is one of our most popular workshops with everyone leaving feeling refreshed. As well as this session there are other workshops on offer for you to attend, and potentially most importantly you’ll be able to meet other women who have and are going through similar experiences.

It’s completely free and held in London, near Kings Cross and Euston stations to make it easier for people to get to. You can find all the details on the website (

Please don't hesitate in messaging me if you have any questions.

Very best wishes,


Hi Sweetheart!

I finished my chemo-rads in March 2012 (I think ;-) and yes, that limbo time when you aren't in and out of the hospital everyday is very strange. It's not unlike when you leave school. Suddenly you aren't seeing your classmates every day and there's no homework and actually, there is nobody to see and nothing to do. It absolutely is limbo and we all spend a little while adjusting afterwards. Plus of course the only people you are seeing don't have any experience with cancer - they aren't patients and they aren't medical staff and they don't know how to make jokes about chemo. It's a rite of passage but you'll get there, we're with you every step of the way.

Be lucky :-)