Finished treatment and scared

I finished treatment for 3C cc last week. Now that I’m done I feel really lost and scared. I constantly worry it won’t be gone when I have my 3 month scan, and if it is gone I worry about recurrence. How do you not think about these things 24/7? I just want to go back to as normal of a life as I possibly can, but this constant worrying is making it so hard.


Hey Maxpower,

I’ve posted recently about my upcoming first post treatment scan results and I hear you. I just wanted to add that I’ve been pretty happy after I got over the initial post- treatment blues and just in the last weeks started to get a bit scared again. I think there’s a “new normal” adjustment period where we kind of learn to live on fault lines, like in earthquake territory. Just try your best to focus on the good things in your life & when time comes for your scans do whatever it takes to keep calm. For instance—I totally banned all alcohol from my life once I got my diagnosis but I did have a cocktail last night as an exception considering the high level of stress of my upcoming results. That was a nice moment. But I think most people on here will say the post treatment recovery period and scan time “scanxiety” are pretty challenging times emotionally

Hugs :heart:

And huge congrats on finishing treatment! :boom::star2::sparkles::confetti_ball:


@Lovewinz Thank you for responding to my post :slightly_smiling_face: Also hugs to you as well :heart:

I’m almost 6 months out of treatment for 3c and while i still think about it every day, I’m going for longer between bouts of worry. I was also recommended the book “Picking Up the Pieces - Moving Forward After Surviving Cancer” and it’s been helpful to work through.


@Elroo I’ll have to give that a read. Hopefully with time we don’t think about it every day.

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Congratulations on finishing treatment :clap:t3:
Hope you got through it without feeling too badly.
I’m on week two!

@Akj Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: I got through treatment pretty unscathed. The worst I dealt with is extreme fatigue. I hope everything goes well during treatment.


I never thought these thoughts were going to end, constantly full of fear every single day that it was going to come back, that somehow it was too good to be true? Surely people can’t survive cancer? What if they’ve missed something? What’s that pain in my back? I can assure that this gets less and less - still happens but not as often (im 8 months since treatment!) reassured more after my 6 month check up xxx