Finished my treatment

Hello Ladies,

Well that's me finished all of my treatment. I had my last 2 brachys back to back as an overnight stay in hospital. It wasn't as bad I'd thought, but I did get quite sore from lying on my back and it wasn't the comfiest night's sleep! The nurses were great though and I don't feel too bad today.

I'm so glad that's me done and now I can relax, recover and enjoy christmas. :)


Love & Hugs

Megsmaw xxx


Congratulations. Onwards and upwards!

Well done, hope you're feeling good, now take it easy and start to look forward. Xxxxx


Hope you don't need to go scooting round the shops and can just stay indoors with the mince pies.

Well done and have a terrific Christmas

Lots of love


Thank you ladies!  Yes, I will be staying in with the mince pies, thank god for online shopping!


I hope you all  have great christmas and new year too!


Hugs & Love

Megsmaw  xxx