Finding it Difficult




I wrote on here a few weeks ago and it really helped put my mind at ease so trying this again. I had my first smear on the 20th November (I’m 24 and a half) and it came back as high grade dyskaryosis. I went for my colposcopy on the 9th December and I am yet to hear anything back. The doctor and nurses were very unhelpful during this appointment and I have no idea what they think they saw or why no treatment was done there and then.


The worst thing is that since this time I am finding it very hard to act normally. For example after the biopsies I was told whilst I was still bleeding following the procedure for a few days I was unable to have sex. 4 weeks on and I still just can’t do it. My boyfriend initiated sex the other day and I just burst into tears. I’m really struggling and I just don’t know why.


I am hoping now that as it has been 4 weeks without hearing anything that this has not developed into cancer but I still can’t get this worry out of my head. I think I feel more apprehensive as I am quite sure I will need the Lletz treatment which is likely to make me feel the exact same way as after the biopsies.


Has anybody else felt like this following the colposcopy? I just wish I had it in me to think past all this and try and enjoy myself instead of constantly thinking of the results.


Thanks x


Hi there. The waiting is the worst bit. Why don't you give them a call and try to get a date for your results. The Xmas holidays might have slowed everything down but someone should be able to update you now. It's natural to worry and think the worst. I hope you can get some answers. Karen


I definitely struggled with the emotional side more than the actual procedures and the LLETZ treatment. I tend to dwell on things anyway, so did find it really hard to be positive about the outcome, my consultant at my initial appointment wasnt particuarly helpful either!! 

Nothing you are feeling is wrong, so you just need to give yourself time to get your head around everything that is happening. It will get better I promise.

Regarding having sex again - dont force yourself and let it come naturally

Good luck with your results! xxxx

Thank you for your replies.


I do love this forum you're all so supportive