Find us on Facebook

Hi all x

As some of us are also on facebook I thought I’d start a thread to put our names and a link to our profiles on here, hopefully making it easier for us to find one another as sometimes searching brings up lots of people with the same name making it a little difficult.

I’m on there as Dee Reyland and the link to my profile is please feel free to add me xxx

And me :lol:
michele miles-vinall

Lol Michelle x when you are on your profile page right click your mouse then click on properties then copy the address and then paste it here x hope that makes sense hun x

I am on as Mellissa Crowley


I am facebook too, hope i have done the link right.


Edited to remove details… for personal reasons

Z x

I’m Tessa Shewan

Me too…

hi im laura pitson on facebook,x

Dont mean to be a party pooper…but I feel a bit wierd putting my full name on here…
One of my friends did a google search for me (( dont ask why))lol
And cos I used to have my name on my signature it brought up all the post that I made on here for them to read…
I felt a bit wierd knowing that people I knew could read my posts on here…(which are very private thoughts sometimes…) and know who I was.
Sorry…I am on facebook but dont think I’ll add my full name on here again…just a thought
Take care ladies… x x x

No probs Snowy. To be fair, I think since a lot of us are already on facebook, you can be found on there through us!

Here’s my ugly mug:


I’ve taken my details off for personal reasons too. Don’t be offended, like Snowy I wasn’t sure about giving my personal details out and I have had a bad experience online in the past.

Z x

Hi can also find me on Facebook…

Feel free to add me girls :)x x


I’m another facebooker on as Janina Barlow.

Im Paula Greenman on facebook x


cant work out the link but im on facebook
steph markiewicz

hi all,
im lisa hindle on facebook(manchester network)if anyone can tell me how to work out the link.
1b1 cc radical hyst november 08.

Im Sam Marshall - feel free to add me if ya want a chat x

Is this right? :?