financial help

Hi guys,

I have been off work since I've been diagnosed (I was signed off in Feb 2015 diagnosed 3rd march) and luckily I was paid a full wage until August and now my wage has been lowered from work. Before I knew what was happening with my wage I was worried as I had no savings to fall back on and the sick pay wouldn't cover my rent let alone my bills too so I looked into it and there is help out there.

I have been claiming pip payment which is a benifit which was originally DLA and this has been based on my cancer and condition not what I am earning and or if I am working - there is a lot of forms to fill in and a lot of questions but I was successful in claiming and this has been a great deal of help. The number can be found on line.

When my wage was lowered it just covered all my expenses and didn't leave me with anything for things like taxis to my appointments etc as I don't drive and I can not always get lifts - so I went to the council and asked for help as I live on my own and in private accommodation - they asked for proof of I'd,  proof of being employed, proof of my lowered wage, a bank statement and my tenancy agreement to show my rent and I had to answer some questions. It's taken about 6 weeks for an answer but today I have received a payment from them which is £30 less than my full rent but if the maximum they can pay out. 

I was also told that the Douglas mcmillan do one off payment for a number of things so I applied not thinking anything - I was sent a form to sign and a couple of weeks later I received a call then a cheque for amount I don't want to disclose which helped me greatly yo by clothes as I had lost a lot of weight. I went into hospital treatment other day (I have lost further weight since then so none of the clothes I brought before fit anymore) and the nurse mentioned writing to them for a grant for clothes for me. I again received another cheque for clothes which is again a great help. 

I have always fund raised for the Dougie mac, my company do and my friends who own a pub also fund raise on my behalf and I will be raising the funds that they have given me plus more to pay it back once I am better as I don't like taking money from them.

I am writing this to let people who are worried that there is help you just have to ask for it - I'm not saying everyone will get help but it's worth asking 


Pip has helped me a lot too! It's paid for a cleaner to come weekly and for my garden to be sorted as well as paying for lovely shoes to help with my stupid chemo damaged feet! Definitely apply girls! 

Anna xx

Hi Ladies,

I'm currently facing the possibility of needing more treatment as have a lymph node that is still misbehaving. I'm hoping this is going to be nothing but can't help but feel that it's something.

I didn't apply for pip during initial treatment as was being paid from work and have subsequently gone back to work. I know though that my wage will drop to half fairly quickly if I need any further treatment/ surgery. 

Was wondering what the criteria are to be able to claim for pip? Hope you can help.

Rach xx