Financial Help Available?

Hello there. I'm rather new to this whole whirlwind of everything going on and I'm already encountering problems that I feel shouldn't have to be approached right now.

I'm after any information on any financial help available for those diagnosed with Cancer. I've looked through my booklets and online, but everything is rather confusing.

I'm 26 and I live alone in rented housing. I work full-time as a Sales Assistant. After one week of being 'off-sick' my Manager called to say that I'll now only receive statutory sick pay. I can't even afford to pay my rent, let alone any bills or even begin to think about travelling for any of my treatment. It's just upsetting to have to think about all this now when I'm still struggling to deal with the information.

Just wondering if anyone has any advice to share as I'm worried enough about my treatment, nevermind all this!



Hi Hani

sorry you have found yourself in this situation, hopefully you will get some advice that will make things a bit clearer for you. 

Have you spoken to your Macmillan nurses? They have lots of info on financial support available. With regards to Statutory Sick Pay, you can get this for 26 weeks. If you are still unable to work after 26 weeks you would need to make a claim for Employment Support Allowance from the Department of Work and Pensions.


I know Macmillan also provide grants, and also I think they can help with travel costs. Like I said speak to your nurse or have a look at the website.


I'm assuming you are in the UK? If so you would also be eligible to claim Housing Benefit to help cover some/part of your rent (depends on who you rent from and how much your rent is etc) and Council Tax Support. Before I was diagnosed I worked as a Benefits Advisor so feel free to message me if you need any help :)



Hey Becky, thanks for the advice.

Unfortunately I rent privately and my landlord has said no to any housing benefits and SSP just doesn't cover my rent and bills. I'm hoping to speak to the nurse about this when I see her again. I'm jusy in a panicky stage. Atm they are anticipating chemotherapy and that won't be given at my local hospital, so I'm worrying about travel and such as well as finding someone to accompany me.


I'll look into speaking to a Macmillan Nurse for more info. Thanks for your advice, really appreciate it.

Bless you.
I have sent you a private message x


Hi Hani

Its expensive being ill isnt it?!  I am lucky enough to work for a large company who has a good sickness polisy but i feel your panic about bills as I also live alone and have a mortgage so if I dont pay the bills there is no one else to do it!

I was able to get a Macmillan grant and this was organised for me via my local Big C centre who were very helpful.  They also told me to apply for Personal Independence Payment (PIP).  This has replaced the disability allowance benefit and the Big C helped me fill in the form to send back to the government.   I now get High Rate Daily Living allowance and low rate mobility which works out to just over £100 a week.  You can apply for this as you are undergoing treatment and although it may take a while to process your application, they start the claim from the day you call them so when i got approved i got a back payment.

So my advise is to try the Big C centre as they have people from the Citisens Advice Beauro (spelling!) come in weekly who can help with financial stuff. 

Good luck!

Anna xx