finally treatment set! (children mentioned)

Hello again ladies. So after a stressful few weeks of waiting around, scans and tests. My mri came back & the specialists where still unsure if their was a spread. I was put to sleep on monday n finally found out the result. Although the cancer is slightly larger than they first thought their is no spread all confined on my cervix.

I was then given the decision between combined chemo and radiotherapy or a radical hysterectomy possibly followed by radiotherapy. The decision ive made and feel is best for me is too go ahead with the hysterectomy. Although i am only 26 im fortunate to have a beautiful 14 month old daughter. 

So guess now im wondering what to expect from radical hysterectomy. Recovery time time in hospital etc.

Thankyou all again for being herxxx


I am really sorry you are in this situation at all but it is great to hear that you have a treatment plan in place and that the cancer is still within your cervix and not causing havoc elsewhere for you.

Sending you big hugs and wishing you all the best for a timely op and really speedy recovery. Age is definitely on your side here. 


Hi SJ :-)

A very brave step to take in one so young! You will find shed-loads of threads here about radical hysterectomies and I'm sure others will be along shortly to add to the list;

  • A nightie, not pjs
  • Big pants
  • Peppermint tea
  • Something to read
  • Something to listen to (or ear plugs)

Recovery time varies from woman to woman and you have youth on your side as Suzysooz so rightly says, but, it's a pretty big operation and you must take it slowly afterwards. Several women have been talking about back-ache recently and this happens because your back tries to take some of the strain from your abdomen following surgery, so it is very important to keep gently mobile without straining yourself. There will be quite a long period when picking up your 14 month-old daughter is strictly forbidden.

Wishing you all the best for a smooth ride :-)

Be lucky


Your own pillow as the hospital ones are plasticky! And toiletries which are not your usual ones so you can chuck them when you get home and not be reminded about your hospital stay! Maybe a Netflix subscription for when you get home and HAVE to take it really easy, for vegging out! I love reading but found I couldn't concentrate on a book, so I took loads of trashy mags to read and I also downloaded loads of episodes of friends onto my ipad to watch whilst in hospital. Good luck, you'll be fine xxx

Hi SJ!

Sorry you've got to have the op. Good advice from Tivoli and Helsweld. (Really wish I'd taken a pillow!) You'll also need big, comfy tracksuit bottoms and a cushion for your tummy on the journey home.

Are you having your ovaries out? If so, ask the team how they are going to manage the surgical menopause symptoms. I know some people cope with it just fine but my body (and mind) went a bit crazy and I had assumed they would give me HRT immediately, which they refused to do. It was hard to go through that at the same time as coping with the after effects of the anaesthetic, the pain and unusual neurological stuff that I had. Mind you, if I'd known more about surgical menopause symptoms at the time I might have found it easier to cope with. I think it would have given me some perspective that was sorely needed! 

You will need plenty of time to recover. You're nearly 20 yrs younger than me so, as Suzy say, age is on your side but I still get quite sore from over-exertion or the wrong movement and it's nearly 11 weeks since I had mine. Still very tired too.

Lastly, I felt very lost after I came out of hospital. I've written about it in another post but I have found it enormously helpful to get in contact with my local cancer care charity. The NHS staff just don't have the time to give the ongoing support that some of us need. I wish I'd gone to see them before I even went into hospital. 

Best of luck with it all - I'm sure you'll cope just fine. :) 

Kirsty xx


Hello all. Thankyou for all of your kind words and amazing advice.

I am not getting my overies removed so i dont need to worry wbout that part yet. 

Thanks again x


I'm currently in hospital following a RH, I would defo recommend the peppermint tea. I had it done keyhole thank god and to be honest the worst side effect is the bloating and painful gas!! Tummy is tender, like i did  a million sit ups and don't really have an appetite. Getting stronger every day and walking slightly further down the corridor.But taking it easy and resting and sleeping as much as possible too. It's major surgery so look after yourself. The doctor got my tumour out and my nodes are being tested but were clear on the pet scan in jan so I'm hoping that still the case.

best of luck with it!


Good luck Sarah and wishing you a speedy recovery. Keyhole! How lovely!

Be lucky