Finally TLH + BSO booked.

After years of abnormal smears numerous biopsies  and 3 leetz treatments , I can finally see at light at the end of the tunnel . My hysterectomy is booked for the 11th of June . 

I am nervous about the op and the recovery especially with the menopause hitting straight away due to having ovaries out. But im preparing myself and hopefully it won't be too bad .

I'm just relieved now that hopefully all my problems will be taken away.


Good luck Jackie. I’ll be thinking of you! X

Good luck Jackie :-)

The menopause isn't so, so bad - how old are you?

Lots of love


Thanks im just glad the balls rolling as they had lost my internal scan results which delayed it by a month but things are moving now x

Hi Tivoli ,

Thank you im 51 so at the age the menopause would arrive naturally i have been lucky so far as a lot of my friends are going through it , i will be joining them shortly and wont be taking HRT as have breast cancer in my family. Just glad things are getting sorted now.

Jjackie x