Finally some good news......

I had my oncologist meeting to get my first scan results after the all clear :-). Nothing there, lymph node clear too, wohoo :-). The best news we have had all year.  Still feels abit surreal but the news is finally starting to sink in.  I will have 3 monthly checks going forward so for now I have to find a new normal and decide what to do with my life :-)


Thats great news, now start enjoying every day of your life to the full, you have been given a second chance.  love suzy

Lovely news ! Really happy for you x 

That is great!! I'm smiling just from what you've writtenSmile! Enjoy the feeling and take a big breath! 

The best news to see posts like this....enjoy x

Hello there miss daisy!!!

well there you go!!! You did it!!!!! Congrats!!!!!


first thing to do on your list to move forward.....

take a week and just don't think about cancer or treatment, allow yourself a vacation from thinking or wondering. Pretend this didn't happen. You deserve this little mental vacation. 

After a week come back to thinking but in a new way, you are on the other side from patient to survivor!! From treatment to remission. Change your outlook from gloom to stardom. You are a survivor, you did this, you are cancer free!!!!!


you will start to have mental cycles that go from being over the moon to worrying to panicking. This cycle is in timeline with the post treatment checkups and over time it will get easier but it will never go away. You body will play tricks on you and you have to be logical and strong not to let the fear of it coming back consume you. 

Today though! You rock!!


So happy for you.  That is great news:-)

To lolli888 

What a great plan of action, best I've ever seen, hopefully in Jan when I'm finished treatment I can take your advice xxxx

Great to read this and Lolli, you're a gem! Just what I needed to read! I am 3 weeks post treatment. The aches and pains are a little nagging but I'm doing well. I've been swimming and to yoga 3x week. Life continues. Laughing

Thank you :-)

Hi Lolli

Thank you so much :-). It has been one hell of a rollar coaster and I am looking forward to the future, its taken some time for the news to settle in and I still havent decided what to do, do I go back to work or take some time off to smell the flowers? :-). Who knows but for now I can see a brighter future.

Today I can do anything :-)


Hi All, 

Just wanted to say thanks for your messages :-). Its been a couple of weeks now to get use to the news and while it has sunk in I amstill undecided as to what to do with regards to going back to work and getting on with 'normal life'.  I dont think anything will ever be normal again and I dont want to just get back into the daily grind of going to work like nothing has happened.

I have side effects from treatment including some bowel issues but my main problem is joint pain, oncologist seems to think its menopause as opposed to treatment but am trying natural medication, yoga,pilates and swimming.  Fingers crossed everything starts settling down soon.


HI Daisy, 

I'm going back to work part-time and increasing to full time over 3 months. My oncologist and gp worked out a plan with me. Which my work after a bit of negotiating  and lots of paperwork has agreed to. My oncologist said 8 hours on my feet will be tough, but the only way to get your body used to it, is to do it.

I still get nausea, occasional vomiting and frequent diarrhoea. But I've got my maxalon and Imodium. My bony aches settled a little bit with the oral contraceptive  pill for menopause. I get them in my ribs, hips and back. Sometimes I have to lay down to try and settle them,  I still fatigue after being out and about for 2 hours.


I'm doing Pilates to increase my strength once or twice a week. walking and cycling. I did a 12 week cancer gym program first.

I'm putting my health as a priority now. You only get one life, and I feel like I've been given a lucky second chance. Works priority will always be work, efficiency and profitability. I won't be staying back to do extra free hours so they meet there goals.

Good luck going forward xx

Great news... Really happy for you....


ive got mri this coming Friday then appointment with consultant 16th. Was told tumour has shrunk expectations are its all gone. Just need these appointments to confirm.