FINALLY post op - from my hospital bed!

Hi ladies!

I’m out the other side!! And what a tough 3 days I’ve had…

After coming round from the anesthetic I felt amazing… High as a kite and managed to get my morphine taken off me for over use! :frowning: then Thursday was horrendous… My stomach went to sleep and what I can only describe as green hulk sick occurred.

Now I still haven’t eaten much… Half a piece of nasty toast this morning, but I’m just not hungry! Hopefully I can shuffle some more today and get my catheter out… I’m loving on the thing!! Should never have been scared of it!

The one thing I would say is the NHS is going to pot… The poor nurses are so understaffed, it’s not great.

And I have a lady down the corridor (I’m in my own room thankfully) that keeps bleating like a sheep… Occasionally changing it to a miaow… That’s quite refreshing!!

My Consultant said my op went well… And as planned… I was asleep for 6 hours in all… So fingers crossed for my results now… I could do with some happy birthday news :slight_smile:

Hope you’re all well and thankyou so much for all your help the last few months (getting emotional now)

A Groggy. Shuffley. Em xxx

Hi Em,

Glad to hear your ok and it went well.

The morphine is great lol.

Hopefully you will be home soon. 

Happy Birthday :) mine is Tuesday (my 30th)! 

Sending you hugs

Love Claire xxxxxxxxx

Glad all has gone well for you Em.

Get as much rest as you can and best wishes for your birthday too xx


Hi Em, glad it has all gone well, I have had the same op, on Tuesday 9th! I'm back home on the couch and feeling great considering! The first two days were very difficult, I had problems with my bladder and sickness, but all fine now and I'm quite happily shuffling about the house. Hopefully we will both get good news from the results and I'm hoping a straightforward recovery for you, Shaunax

Yay welcome to the other side! Glad it went well and hope you’re feeling a bit better now.

I remember eating eggs on toast when I got home and it was the best thing ever after the hospital food!

Take care and rest loads xxx

Thanks ladies!!

Shauna - you’re doing much better than me! I’m still here and probably will be until tomorrow. Just trying to get my pain relief sorted… And for my lymph drainage to calm down abit!

I feel like me again now :slight_smile: with just a bit of pain!

Jo - I cannot wait to eat something I want to eat!! … The menu here is the same every day :frowning: but I’m getting my appetite back now!

I’m also on the peppermint tea :wink: how is that pain worse than surgery pain!!!

Hope you’re all keeping well - the sheep is still bleating in here!!! xxxx

Hi Em! Glad you're not feeling too bad. Have you been walking around a bit? I was told that really helps with the wind and swelling. My consultant was shocked to see me showered and drying my hair the day after surgery. Oh yes and my socks are dark green, lol.  They don't do them in black but the green ones are ok.  I'm home now with my bag! That's the horrible bit for me. When will you get home? Just make sure you sleep loads whilst there. If that lady keeps miaowing and bleeting just start barking, hee hee. Glad you got your own room. My nurses were all really lovely. Xx 

Hi, Em hope you are feeling better and they plan to send you home soon. I read the post again and realised my op was different to yours, I've had the laparoscopic hysterectomy, with lyphm nodes. My post op brain must have been a bit melted! The pain from trapped wind was terrible, they gave me a peppermint oil as well as the tea and that really helped. Once your bowl moves it gets gradually better! I am using Colperman tablets now, slow release peppermint oil. I'm starting to feel more like myself, just shuffling about the house, the stairs are exhausting! Best of luck over the next few days and take it slowly! Xxx Shauna

YAY!!! Finally being discharged today :slight_smile: just waiting to be collected… My post-op consult is on 5th August… That’s 3 weeks today :frowning: do they not think I’ve waited enough?!? I thought it would be maybe 3 weeks from my op.

Anyway… YAY I’m going home!!! :slight_smile: xx

Great news, now rest, and go slow, xxx

Glad to hear it's going we'll so far. Take it easy! X

Hi Em

glad to hear op went well and that you're on your way home.

still waiting for the hospital to contact me re: date for surgery.  is this done via phone or letter usually?



Hi pat, I phone my Macmillan nurse and pestered it out of her… She should be able to look and see … Have you been assigned one??
I then got a letter through the post but like a week before my actual op!! xxx

Hi Em, 

Well done my love, you've done brilliantly. How are you getting on back at home? I hope you're being treated like a princess ;-) Are you on top of the pain? Have you managed to eat something a bit tastier than the dreaded hospital food yet?

Much love, Annabel. x

Hi Em

How are you getting on? Hope everyone is running around after you and spoiling you?

Well done hun, hope you dont have to wait too much longer xx

I’m so much better since I’ve been home ladies!! :slight_smile: and yes I’m giving all the orders out! And no pain!! YAY!
And I’m eating normally so I’m all happy :slight_smile:

Got an awesome tan going on up top… Shame about my legs though :wink: haha!

Still haven’t managed to goto the ‘loo’ yet though… It’s been a week. Not sure when I should start worrying about it?! And I don’t feel uncomfortable?! may pop to GP next week if nothing has … Happened!?!

Also it’s my birthday Thursday … Do you think I’d be ok to have a couple of drinks?! Were any of you told to not drink?!

Hope you’re both ok and enjoying the sun? :slight_smile:


YAY, thats what i like to hear!! make sure you get everyone running around after you ;-)

Happy birthday for tomorrow hun, I wasnt told anything about not drinking, depends if your on medication maybe? 

Have a totally fab day, hope you continue to get better and better each day. 


Happy birthday to you! Wishing you a really great day Em. Xxx

Sorry ladies it’s not today! It’s next Thursday! Haha don’t get wishing my years away! :wink:
I may have a sneaky cocktail next week then!

Feel even better than a couple of days ago… Onwards and upwards! :slight_smile: xx

Ha ha, in that case you should have a birthday week! Xx