finally my treatment is starting

i was told i couldnt start my six weeks of chemo and radio till after easter holidays so i thought more waiting and worrying.had aphone call this morning saying they had brought it forward to 3rd april .then about three oclock this afternoon they rang again saying could i start on monday the 25th.i went for ascan on wed and imworried now with them getting me in quicker has the tumour grown trying to stay positive xxxx

Hey debi im so glad you are starting your treatment! Getting into it sooner rather than later is only going to be of benefit… when are u next in to see the doc about the stage you are at? Its such a scary time… but try and take things day by day x x

good luck with your treatment tomorrow. will be thinking of you xxx

thanku had my first chemo and radio yesterday not as bad as i thought long day though hope u okx

Best of luck as it rolls on, Debi x

How's your treatment going on? hoping you're doing well. It is really not an easy situation on where you are, I am glad you are strong enough to somehow cope up with it, I guess you receive a good support and motivattion.

i have agood support group and they have kept me going i have been so tired and i dont feel like me anymore at the minute.but have to keep fighting but easier said that done xxx

thanku so much it isint easy ,xxxx

Hi Debi

How are you getting on?