Finally HPV negative…

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to post in case this can reassure anyone else who’s had persistant hpv/cell changes…

I was first tested in 2017, hpv+ and low grade changes, which had turned to CIN 3 by 2018. I had a lletz which went okay, clear margins etc, then was gutted when my 6 month test came back hpv+ with yet more cell changes.

I’ve had colposcopies every year since and every time I was told the hpv would have cleared… but every time it came back positive (with low grade changes). I honestly stopped believing that my body could ever clear it - no matter how much green tea I drank :joy: - and was convinced I’d eventually need further lletz.

This week my results finally came back normal and hpv neg!

It took over 5 years and a LOT of stress, but it happened in the end. Just want any fellow long-haulers out there to know that it’s possible to clear it, even after many years…! :muscle:



Hello FranDora thanks for your post reading this is exactly what I needed it this morning,
My 6 months was also positive hpv but no abnormal cells, I woke up around 5 am in a very negative mood about my 1 year appointment that I need to attend next month.
Thanks for writing this makes me feel that I definitely have time to clear this F virus. And congratulations :confetti_ball:


Ah I’m really glad it helped and am sending you so much good luck for your appointment! :crossed_fingers:

I know that feeling 100%, my gloom would always kick in around a month before every check-up - didn’t understand why everyone else seemed to be fine after lletz (which is stressful enough, tbh) and I still wasn’t… But I guess sometimes it just takes a bit longer, and that doesn’t mean it’s not heading in the right direction.

Hope it all goes well!!



Hi there. Im just waiting on my 6 months test of cure. What happens if you are HPV positive? Back to colposcopy?

Many thanks. x

Hi Jordo,

Yes, in my experience you go back to yearly colposcopy until you’re HPV negative (even if the smear result itself is normal, which I think mine was in 2021). Hope the 6 month check goes well for you - fingers crossed! x

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Thanks lovely. X

The curse of HPV! I had the high risk type (HPV16) which caused my CC. 18 months on from hysterectomy and chemorads I was hoping to be clear of the damned thing but now I have HPV 61 a new strain which I’m told is low risk and nothing to worry about by my consultant. I still feel frustrated it won’t go away. Grrr!!!

Oh wow, you have really been through it - sorry to hear that the stupid hpv won’t quit, but I’m very glad you’re through the cc and hope you’ve otherwise recovered well.

I guess you have to trust that if it’s a low risk strain it’s not something you need to worry about, but I TOTALLY understand that you just want to be done with the whole thing!! I’m sure it will clear eventually, as it did for me. Crossing all my fingers and toes for you! x

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Hpv 16 is the one I have seems to be more difficult to clear than any other one, glad you are negative now for 16 and I think the other strain is not a dangerous one so you should be fine take care .

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Hi FranDora,

May I ask which type of Hpv did you have?
And did you take any medication or supplements to make the Hpv go away?

Thank you, Ve

Hi Ve,

I was actually never told which type it was, only that it was High Risk - I think that means 16 or 18? I’ve been taking lots of vitamins (B, C, D plus Zinc, Iron and Magnesium) for the past year, but more because I’ve had long covid than for the hpv. So I can’t say one way or the other whether they had an impact on hpv, but they definitely helped with my general health!

Hope that helps,


This is just what I wanted to hear too Fran, so thank you!

I’ve got persistent HPV and have had three Lletz and (as cervix all but gone now anyway!) having a trachelectomy this month for high grade cgin back again. Would SO love to bin HPV because I feel like I’ve spent the last 3 years having bit after bit chopped off and feeling like CC is chasing me ‘final destination’ style and there’s no escape! If the cell changes come back again the only option left is hysterectomy so just hoping and praying the HPV will clear up before it comes to that. Your post gave me that hope so really appreciate it!

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Ah I’m really glad it helped and I sooo hope you manage to clear the hpv soon as well.

You’ve been through it way more than me but I do know the feeling, and it’s really hard to explain to people who haven’t dealt with this. I know we’re all so grateful to be in the system and getting checked/treated… but it’s also like a constant weight on your shoulders.

Don’t lose faith - it can clear and get better even after many years. I’m rooting for you! Feel free to message if you ever need a chat.


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Hello. So pleased you finally have good news! I am currently positive with low grade changes.i am having a lletz procedure soon (because I am not planning any more children, they are happy to do this and I am happy for them to) The thing that concerns me is the possibility that even if I clear the hpv, my husband I continue to pass it back and forth between us. Obviously it’s a very personal question (which you don’t need to answer!) but did you have those concerns and did anyone advise you about this over the course of you having hpv? I can’t find any definitive information on it x