Finally have results!

So after nearly 9 weeks of waiting I have finally had my results after colposcopy!

I am booked in for cold coagulation on March 1st. The nurse said that the inflammation that the doctor saw at colposcopy had a small area of CIN 2 in which is probably what made my smear show up as severe.

I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I finally have some answers! It maybe strange but I cannot wait to go in for this cold coagulation. Hopefully it will all be sorted then!

The anxiety has disappeared now I know what the results are and I just want to say to anyone feeling anxious about all of this - it’s completely normal and one day you are going to be able to look back at this and realise it has made you stronger!

Sending lots of positive thoughts to all!

Charlene xx

aww so glad to hear you've had your results, it's been a week tomorrow since I've had my lletz treatment (abnormality unknown) so waiting on my results, the anxiety is just awful isn't it :(

your words has made me feel a bit more positive, all the best and big hugs

kirsty xx

Hi Kirsty

Try not to worry too much. I've spent the last 9 weeks feeling up and down - one day I was absolutely fine and the next I was a mess. It's normal to be like that but now I'm looking back and thinking that I've wasted 9 weeks feeling like that. I'm actually glad I've been through this as if any of my friends or family have to then I can reassure them. I knew nobody who had been for a colposcopy so it seemed so much worse! That is where this site has been amazing!

Sending lots of positive thoughts your way! Keep us updated with results!

Charlene x