Finally got my urology appointment tomorrow

Taken  2 months but finally  got my urology appointment tomorrow to see what  to do about my 1 remaining  nephostomy after  a failed nephostomy removal its  really. Playing  on my mind what if he says i got to keep it its getting  me so down  i carnt  live life lik a normal  28 yr old carnt  work  with it feel lik peopke r always  lookin  at me carnt  have a bath  and  we  don't  have  a shower  sorry  I'm  down  n needed  a rant  xxx

Massive, massive hug, I'm really feeling for you especially because you're far too young to be going through all rant away as much as you want! Regarding the shower can you get a grant from macmillan to put one in or anything? At least your appointment is so close now, just hang in there, you'll soon have answers...I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and keeping everything crossed that they can solve all the problems you're having xxxx

Thanks im gonna ask  my  housing  association advice  on  who  to ask if im stuck  with it longer i feel bad  cuz  i just  seem to rant  when  i put something  up on here x

Better to get it all out of system and everyone here will totally understand so rant as much as you want. I'm sure the housing association will have to do something as i believe we're classed as disabled by law as soon as we get a cancer diagnosis xxx

When  i first  had  it in i contacted  them  n they said  no but i become  to ill to fight it i dint no we  r classed  as dissbled i will do some  research  on it if they  say i got to keep it xxx

Look under definition of the Disability Act 2010, it says 'you automatically meet the disability definition under the Act from the day you are diagnosed with HIV, cancer or MS'. Get your local councillor and/or MP involved if you don't get any joy. Send me a pm if you want me to do any fighting for you, I'm still ok until I start treatment on the 12th June! Xxx

Thanks  for your  help the  start  of your treatment  will  soon b here 

I wanna give you a hug. Everything is gonna be all right.