Finally got my results letter...

So finally after over 6 weeks I finally got my letter with the biopsy results.

I am a bit confused really.   The letter says "the smear has been reported as showing borderline changes, and the biopsy has revealed inflammation only"

They have sent me another appointment for a follow up colposcopy in January

Whilst I am obviously very relieved to get this letter its confused the hell out of me.   Do they do a repeat smear at the same time as the colposcopy does anyone know.  

My original smear at the doctors had a high grade dyskaryosis result and now this days borderline changes.   Just doesn't sound right 

I wonder if the changes are hormonal as I'm 51 and into the start of the menopause so maybe that's it. Oh I don't know - but I'm glad the follow up is not too far away 




good news for you xxx as far as I can make out, most people can sort out these changes naturally themselves so that's most prob why yours has "reduced" but they are keeping an eye on you. By sounds of it, they'll do another smear as they usually do after 3 or 6 months after something like this, depending on different circumstances. Perhaps ring GP or the secretary's number on the letter you have been sent just to check.

fingers crossed all stays ok :-)

xxx dons

Great news! 

I echo what Dons has said. Theyl probably just re-check the smear result in January. 

My friend actually had something similar when she had a cervical erosion. I don't know what one of those is or anything though I'm afraid!