Finally got a date for my drain to come out or a internal stent to go in

I finally  got a date for drain to come  out or a internal  one  attempted  if they  have to  do the  internal  one i got to stay  in is anyone  else  scared of staying  in hospital  or is it just  me  i have  waited  so long I'm  petrified of havin  it done

Hi Helpme

That is good news that u have a date. I hope all goes well for u. I am nor scared of the hospital i just think it is uncomfortable. Hard beds not like your own.:-)

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hi, I had an internal stent fitted and had to stay overnight just so they could keep checking  blood pressure and temperature more than anything so you will probably have your sleep interrupted every few hours through the night.  The procedure was very straight forward and I didn't suffer with any pain, the nursing team that looked after me were lovely and made the stay very easy.  I was only in the one night and discharged by 9am.  Good luck hope it all goes well xxx

Thanks  was u made  to stay  in bed or cud  u get up n move  around  n get up to the  loo i really  dont wanna  have  to use a bed pan i will  b on the  private  wing so i get a ensuite  room so that  wont b as bad  xx

I cried  on phone  when i was told  i got to stay  in thanks  for the  good  luck messages 

Hi helpme 

It can be scary staying in the hospital but I'm certain it will not be as bad as you think. Just take some headphones and listen to relaxing music or watch a movie and the time will fly.  Ask for something to help you sleep and it will be over before you know it. I wish you well and hope everything will go easy


Thanks  so much  at least  without my external  drain i shud b able  to go bak  to work 

Hi I was up and about as soon as I was back to the ward as the anaesthetic was only administered to the area of my back for them to make a key hole size incision. i didnt need no bed pans or anything x