Final Check Up?

Hi Ladies

I was diagnosed Sept 2013 (1b1), had a Wertheims Hystercetomy and luckily no chemo or radiotherapy.  So far, so good - fingers crossed!

My next and possible final check up is 22nd June.  Just wanted to ask how long others had their check ups for.  Like everyone else on this site I'm a bit wobbly near check up time and although I want to move forward, I'm nervous about not having any further check ups.

I'm lucky enough to have private health insurance through work and that covers check ups for a max of 10 years.  My reckoning is I'd be mad not to continue with it on that basis or am I being over cautious?

Your thoughts and comments would be very much appreciated!



Hi Cheryl :-)

I fully expected to be signed off completely after five years but my Greek radio-onc said she wants to see me every two years, so that is what I shall do. It's rather like having a safety net that little bit further away. I think it's a nice compromise :-)

Be lucky :-)