Final Check Up Updated

Hi All

Well, went for my check up on Friday (4 years 8 months) and the decision was made for me as my wonderful consultant is moving to Australia in August.

He gave me the option of continuing check ups with somebody else but I decided now was the time to move on. 

Don't mind admitting I'm scared and there have been a lot of tears since Friday but I need to be strong and get used to the next phase without the comfort of the expert checks.

Are there any 5 years plus ladies out there that can tell me how they felt and how they coped please?

I'm also worrying if I have any concerns and questions that my consultant won't be around and I wouldn't know who to go to - was so upset Friday I didn't think to ask.

Just need a bit of support at the moment.


Cheryl, xx

Hi Cheryl

This may be a pure coincidence but the same happened to me last Friday with my consultant. He told me this was my last appointment with him as he was emigrating to Australia. were you seeing a Mr A at the Meriden in Coventry?

I’m not as far into my cancer journey as you are so am upset that he is leaving. Friends say he can’t be the only good Consultant and I’m sure he isn’t be do feel very sad & a bit daunted by what’s ahead! I am being passed over to another consultant but that’s because I have another 3 years of checkups to go but it won’t be the same.

am sure you could contact his PA to see what support will be available in the future should you need it.

Good luck & this could just be coincidence that we are losing our consultant to Australia!


Hi Bardley

Yes, that's him. He is such a wonderful consultant he will be very much missed.

There are some really good consultants there and I know you will be in very safe hands but totally understand how you feel.

Most CC ladies only have 5 years check ups so I'm trying to convince myself that's all I need. I was just lucky enough to have the option of a further 5 years checks but don't feel I want to go to another consultant at this stage.

At least we were lucky enough to have our treatment done by him.

How strange, we must have literally crossed paths last Friday.  It's so nice to hear from a local survivor!