Fifth result

I have just had my smear results and confirmed HPV positive and Low Grade Dyskytosis for the fifth time. I have a colposcopy appointment again for October but shouldn’t they be doing more now. Every year I get discharged cause they say it will go on its own but it’s clearly not. Has anyone else had to push for treatment or has it really just gone on it’s own after so long?

Thank you


Just wanted to share my experience with all of you with the thought that it might help someone.
I was diagnosed with high risk hpv and CN1 in July 2021. Had colposcopy in August and the results confirmed positive high risk hpv and CN1. I thought to give a try to AHCC kinko Platinum. So I took AHCC kinko Platinum 3g empty stomach early morning. Also took multivitamin, vitamin C 1000mg, Curcumin and folic acid daily for 3 months. Green tea twice a day.Also used Papilocare vaginal gel for 2 months. I had private colposcopy 2 weeks ago and the results are come back as hpv negative. I was so anxious and was taking antidepressants since July. Now I am so so happy and also left taking antidepressants. This is my personal experience which I am sharing and not paid for any positive review.Best of luck for all of you who have high risk hpv.



It seems like there are a few of us on here in a similar situation - repeatedly testing positive for high risk HPV in conjunction with some cell changes (low grade dyskaryosis or borderline).

It woild be great to hear from someone who has then seen something different happen. What comes next for us?

I guess because the hpv testing triage only began 6 or 7 years ago, there arent many stories yet. Ladies seem to report that its either cleared up for them, or its progressed so theyve received treatment. But can it just stay like this for decades without being anything to worry about?

I watched the Hannah Fry documentary that gave an interesting perspective on “overtreating” people, so now i really dont know what to think!

Hope youre able to try and stay calm about it till October. If you dont mind me asking, how soon did you get your appointment letter through, following your smear results?

Hi there, I am in a similar situation. I’ve been seen under the Colposcopy clinic now for six years due to HPV infection and cell changes. I’ve also had one lletz procedure to remove some abnormal cells. Every year at my colposcopy review I get a similar result, persistent HPV and mild changes in cells/review in one year. My rational brain tells me that it is a positive thing to keep being checked yearly in order to catch anything that needs attention however it is very frustrating to receive the same positive HPV result year after year! Apparently 1 in 10 don’t clear the virus in two years but I wonder when or if I ever will! Take care everybody.


Oh god this worries me as I’ve had it my head 3 years then if not gone of it’s own accord they will treat! I may seem a complete baby but I can’t keep having biopsies every year. I find them so traumatic, I nearly pass out every time. Poor nurse has to fan me down and get me chocolate! I’m due another smear in Nov/Dec and after two years of not budging I just don’t think it’s going to have gone (and I have a autoimmune disease) and I think I’d just want it all out rather tan so this every year!

I got my appointment letter about six weeks after my smear so was a bit of a wait!

Thank you for this post Zoe, where did you get the gel & other items from? :heartpulse:

I got Kinko Platinum gold AHCC once from Amazon and couple of times from
Papliocare gel from Naturitas. AHCC and papliocare gel are quite expensive but I was unable to cope with my anxiety so bought these and other vitamin supplements. I bought multivitamins, curcumin tablets and green tea supplements from Holland and Barrett.
Wish you all the best

which hpv strain did you have? cos i doubt this would work for hpv 16/18

Hello, 3 years ago I was diagnosed HPV+ for the first time and abnormal cells - moderate.

I was sent for coploscopy I couldnt bare to watch the screen so i couldnt see for myself, however the the lady doing it said she would take 3 biopsys and was confident that removed all cells. No treatment unless biopsy identified worse cells.

Biopsy okay and returned to 3 yearly smears.

3 year smears which I have questioned with my gps, nurses and gynecologists as I other gyne issues and everything thought this was normal…

I return 3 years later to have HPV severe abnormal cells. This year I watched the screen, I needed to see for myself, thankfully she explained everything so I could understand what exactly I was looking at, she diagnosed me with CIS? Severe, moderate and low areas of abnormal cells and removed there and then with LLETZ.

Im still waiting on my biopsy results, post 3 weeks 2 days.

Therefore I’d like to tell you to push for treatment, ask and they can either say yes or politely decline. I say push because in mycase, mine got alot worse waiting around.


I can completely appreciate where you’re coming from, I’m very much in a similar situation.

I’ve been invited back to colposcopy on and off for around 10-12 years due to low grade changes. Apparently in the most recent years my body has cleared the HPV virus which makes things all the more unusual. I had my most recent biopsy on Friday the 16th of Sept and was told a sample is required for “more information”, as I’m HPV negative.

I’m now 34 and I have no children, I don’t smoke and as far as I’m concerned I’m relatively fit and healthy. I’ve had treatment 13-14 years ago. I’m now preparing myself for the possibility of needing further treatment, but I’m fine with that. As you say, it’s an anxious time and I am hoping to receive my results sooner than later. Approximately 11 week wait.

I wish you well as well. It’s not nice to be going through this.