Few Questions Post Biopsy

Hi all. 


A little background info - I had a copper coil fitted back in about June time - have had one before for 7 years with no real problems but this time I had issues with bleeding after and I ended up with an infection. Developed an allergic reaction to penicillin also to treat the infection to further complicate matters. Anyway thought it was sorted out, then thought I had thrush a few weeks down the line as had weird kind of discharge but after treating didn't really go away and didn't really look like thrush. My period was also really black and weird looking. To this end I thought i'd better just get checked out at the GUM clinic. 


Had all the tests and they came back clear but the nurse was concerned about a red patch on my cervix. So she took a smear test to be on safe side.


Few weeks later hear back that the hospital refused to read smear as had had one done about 2 years ago. 


So she then referred me to have a colposcopy. 


Had that done 2 weeks ago. The lady said she thought I had a cyst which was causing the problem - then went on to say she could see both red and white patches so they took a biopsy.


My questions are this:

Did anyone get diagnosed this way without a positive smear?


How long does it take for them to write after a biopsy? I'm kinda hoping the longer it is the less likely anything will be wrong.


I'm sorry - am probably worrying over nothing - but have lost quite a lot of weight over last year without actually dieting (which I put down to stress) which had caused me to worry more that there is something amiss. 


That's a bit weird isn't it? Not bothering to analyse a smear test just because your last one was only two years ago? Never mind, they have bypassed that idiotic hurdle with a colposcopy and a biopsy which will tell them so much more anyway. I'm sorry I can't tell you how lonmg you have to wait for biopsy results because it seems to vary greatly from hospital to hospital. Yes you can receive a diagnosis of cervical cancer without a positive smear test, but that is not to say that that is what is about to happen to you. And most importantly, stress can definitely make weight fall off frighteningly quickly, so that isn't a cancer indicator either.

Hope that helps

Be lucky