Hi - I have just had a cone biopsy and I am due another next month as I have High grade CGIN, 1a adenocarcinoma and CIN1.

I was wondering if anyone was offered fertility treatment on the NHS afterwards or do I have to go privately?

Or have any experiences of this?




Hello, from the information I've been told a cone biopsy doesn't affect your fertility, it just very slightly increases the chance of miscarriage or premature birth so I don't think there would be any need for you to get fertility treatment afterwards. I apologise if I'm wrong but this was the information I was given by my oncologist. Xxx

Like Jojo says, I don't think there's as much concern with fertility following biopsys. However, should you need fertility treatment, the first cycle is often available on the NHS dependant on circumstances so it's worth looking into if you need it.

I'm more advanced and starting chemo and radiotherapy next week, so I'm currently at the end of fertility treatment and hoping for an egg collection Monday for embryo freezing. It's incredibly stressful and has been quite a difficult course of treatment, has sent my body into chaos. However, as my consultant is fairly sure I'll be infertile after treatment, it's all worth it.


Hope you get the right info you need! 

Hani I know anything I say won't help but I am thinking of you at this difficult time, I hope the egg collection was successful. Please let me know. 

I was in hospital all of yesterday for excessive bleeding and totally being out of it, but at home now relaxing.

Thanks for your advice on fertility treatment, my boyfriend isn't too keen on children so I am just going to get healthy again and see where we are.


05/15 Abnormal smear High grade CGIN found

05/15 Colposcopy and punch biopsies. CIN 1 found also. 

06/15 Second smear HG CGIN found again

07/15 Colposcopy CIN 1 found again.

07/15 Lletz cone under GA - HG CGIN, CIN 1 and 1a Adenocarcinoma found.

08/15 Hospitalised for excessive bleeding

09/15 - Second operation due - cold knife cone biopsy