Fertility treatments after radical trachelectomy

Hi Everyone,

I thought I would let you know of my recent experience in getting help with fertility.

I had an appointment with a fertility consultant about 4 months ago. I have had a radiacal trachelectomy ( I've also had a fallopian tube infection). With this in mind I was told we had to go straight for IVF. Snce then I have been under a black cloud. We couldn't afford private treatment and felt like I was facing one chance to have children (with only one egg being implanted to avoid a multiple pregnancy) and was facing up to not ever being pregnant. I have been struggling with what I felt were hormonal problems and my moods were everywhere (I also had physical symptoms but the GP felt I was worrying over nothing- brilliant). Anyways due to where we live I decided to start treatment with another hospital.

We had to go through the consult again. I was fired up ready to argue for investigations and then hopefully ask for artificial insemination yet I didn't have to say a word. The amazing consultant talked me through what we are going to do. Firstly he recognised my symptoms straight away as potentially hormonal. The plan now is to have a laproscopy to check that everything looks like its working well including ovulation tests. If all is good I can consider hormone treatment to see if we can conceive natuarally (I nearly fell off my chair at this point as have always been told it won't happen this way!)Then we either wait or go for the AI and IVF is a last ditch attempt. Basically giving me as good a chance as anyone else. The cloud of the last few months lifted. I really thought I had one chance and it would be over. It still may not happen but I can't believe how positive this guy was. He said there are old views to trachelectomy girls and not enough studies but his sucess is high. The other thing he told me was about miscarriage- I've always thought babies were lost because the cervix wasn't strong enough but he said it's more to do with infection and that there are ways to help (I'm probably not 100% right here but it was the gist of it). He also said that they will replace my stitch (it fell out) during the laproscopy. 

I can't believe how I feel now. I was regretting the trachelectomy for giving me false hope, I thought I should of just accepted the hysterectomy they pushed me for in the first place. 

It just shows how much the right consultant/nurse/surgeon can change your life. I wanted everyone to hear this so if they are ever faced with this sort of news then seek a second opinion and don't be scared to ask.


Now I'm just waiting for a surgery date. I know I may have a tough time ahead but I feel like I've got as good a chance as anyone.


I had a RT in Sept 2009. I had spoke to my consultant about wanting children in the future and they advised me to go ahead with RT. Since then I have been unable to concieve naturally but i do know of people who have. I went to my GP numerous times and was never offered any help with hormone meds or even referals. I ended up contacting my consultant in 2013 and he referred me to a friend of his who was a fertility specialist. I was offered IVF or IUI and I went staright to IVF becuase I wanted a higher guarantee of getting pregnant. I started IVF at the beginning of July and am currently waiting for the results which I should get next week.I did have some probelms throughout but mostly when we did a egg transfer trial. They couldnt get through my stitch which had scar tissue around it and was a little tight. I went for a hysteroscopy where they were able to stretch it a little and remove some of the scar tissue. When i actually had my egg transfer it hurt like hell but with a hard poke the catheter went through and it was fine from there.

Im glad to see you have finally got some answers you were looking for....i have read on lots of forums that there are lots of different types of medication you can take to assist in natural conception. I just wish I had been offered the chance before I went down the IVF route. There are lots of good and helpful people out there. You just need to find them. Good luck with everything.

Thank u for sharing. I have been searching the net the last few weeks for stories like this. I am 28 currently have 1 child who is 4 and would love another. Been trying to get pregnant now since June and nothing. I am due to see my consultant in 2 weeks and was thinking of asking for clomed is it ? It's a drug which helps u produce more eggs app. I had a radical trachelectomy Jan 2012 and have been very limited with information about having another child. All the stories I have found have been about IVF. IVF has never been mentioned to me. I have been told my age is a positive for me and just go for it. Please keep us up 2 date with any more info u have. 

Hi there,

I had a radical trachelectomy in December 2012 and fairly irregular periods since then but I am now 19 weeks pregnant having conceived naturally. Being monitored very closely by obstetric consultant and on progesterone suppositories and it all seems to be going OK so far.

Just thought it might be nice to hear a good news contribution



The first thing i would like to say is good luck ladies and try and stay postive!. I had 1b cerival cancer in 2013 and have just been through my first lot of ivf treatment. They had trouble putting the embro back in me to but lucky they sedated me.